200ML Plastic Bottles Manufacturer

Gracepack supplies lightweight, safe, and convenient 200ml plastic bottles. It can be used for extensive applications such as storing cosmetic products, food and beverages, chemicals, and more. Send your drawing and we will help you finish your bottle.

  • BPA-free – non-toxic
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Free samples are available
  • Customize to your needs

Gracepack 200ML Plastic Bottles

Gracepack 200ml plastic bottles are excellent storing solution for cosmetics, healthcare products, beverages, food, pet health, and more. It is lightweight, and easy to store and hold bottles. These can be made from various plastic materials, safe, reusable and recyclable. You can choose either PE, PET, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PP, PCR, PLA, PETG, etc. For your customization, we also add a good sealing cap and closures to complete your bottle accessories.

As a professional manufacturer, Gracepack specializes in producing high-end 200ml plastic bottles for your specific applications. With an advanced production line, excellent in-house design, R&D, and testing facilities, we can customize your plastic bottle with a specific function, style, decoration, labeling, and printing. Our company delivers fast and exceptional packaging solutions to clients worldwide. Message us!

200ML Clear Pump PET Bottle
200ML Clear Pump PET Bottle

200ML clear pump PET bottle is made with pump sprayer sealing type. It is suitable for screen printing, and hot stamping surface treatment.

200ML Custom Round Plastic Bottle
200ML Custom Round Plastic Bottle

200ML custom round plastic bottle has a smooth and durable finish. It is used for storing and packaging personal care products.

200ml Plastic Dropper Bottles
200ML Plastic Dropper Bottles

200ML plastic dropper bottles are available in various colors and specifications. It has a durable sharp nozzle dropper spouts cap design.

200ML Plastic Spray Bottle
200ML Plastic Spray Bottle

200ml plastic spray bottle is good as a hairdressing tool sprayer bottle or a bottle for cleaning and dispensing disinfection alcohol. Convenient and easy to use.

200ML Plastic Squeeze Bottle
200ML Plastic Squeeze Bottle

200ML plastic squeeze bottle with twist top cap is suitable with lotion pumps, sprayers, cap closures, and other various pumps and caps.

200ml Short Square Plastic Bottle
200ml Short Square Plastic Bottle

200ml short square PET plastic bottle is ideal for a host of toiletries and cosmetic products. It is well resistant to many household chemicals.

Gracepack 200ML Plastic Bottles Advantage

Fully Customizable icon

Gracepack has a professional team that can help you create a unique and modern 200ml plastic bottle for your specific applications.

High Strength
High Strength

Following strict quality control, our plastic bottles are guaranteed durable and long-lasting plastic made from quality resin materials.

Pure FDA-approved

GracePack guarantees FDA-approved plastic bottles, safe and hygienic to use. It is used to pack various food and beverage products.

Affordable Price

Our products are offered at a cost-effective wholesale price. We use an economical process but never compromise the quality of our bottles.

Wide Range of 200ML Plastic Bottles Materials

GracePack uses various quality plastic bottle materials. These materials offer different features and advantages suitable for producing versatile bottles.

  •  PPHigh melting point, air, water, and higher temperatures resistant
  • Acrylic Plastic — heat resistance, excellent transparency, and gloss  
  • PET — Chemical resistance, moisture barrier, impact resistance
  • HDPE – strong material, translucent, best for toiletries & cosmetics, food storing
  • LDPE –  durable, weatherproof, good chemical resistance, robust and squeezable
  • PE – High impact strength at low temperature, good weather ability.
200ML Plastic Bottles
200ML Plastic Bottle Specifications

200ML Plastic Bottle Specifications

GracePack can produce 200ml plastic bottles that match your preference.

  • Shapes: cylinder, round, oval, flat, hexagon, custom
  • Closure/Caps: Flip-top nozzle cap, Aluminum Cap, Pump, Disc Cap, Screw Cap, etc.
  • Styles: narrow mouth, pharm round, wide mouth, cosmo, etc
  • Applications: Cosmetics, Hair Care, Food & Beverage, Chemical, Medicine, etc.
  • Colors:  amber, black, clear, blue, frosted, green, purple, and more.

Our in-house design team is an expert in creating the best 200ml plastic bottle for your business. Discuss your specification with us!

Benefits of Using Custom Labeled or Printed 200ML Plastic Bottles

  • Promote and improved your brand
  • Get your brand identity and awareness
  • Maximize revenue and sales
  • Provide easy communication with possible customers
  • Recyclable and reusable plastic materials, environmentally friendly consumption
Benefits of Using Custom Labeled or Printed 200ML Plastic Bottles

Gracepack: Your Reliable 200ML Plastic Bottles Supplier

200ML Plastic Bottles
200ML Plastic Bottles Factory

For your 200ml plastic bottle need, Gracepack got your back! We are a reputable manufacturer that supplies all types of plastic bottles made from different quality resin materials. Our company adopt high-tech moulding system, automated production line, and skilled employees. We can produce 200,000 pieces of a bottle every day and support OEM/ODM services.

Our plastic bottle production services start from research, design, tooling, injection molding, bottle blowing, quality checking, and packaging to delivery. We will make your ideas into reality. With ISO, FDA, RoHS, and CE certifications, you can ensure no-defect and high-performance bottle products. Gracepack is your one-stop bottle packaging solution that will satisfy your specific requirements.

For more details, please get in touch immediately!

200ML Plastic Bottles
200ML Plastic Bottle Full Customization

With advanced manufacturing machines and techniques, GracePack can develop a custom plastic bottle based on your demands.

  • Closure Options
  • Material selection
  • Shape and style
  • Attractive color
  • Size and dimensions
  • Neck diameter and finish
  • Custom arts and logos
GracePack 200ML PET Bottles Printing & Decorations Options
  • Silk Screen Printing – we can print pictures and texts using this method. It offers a strong light resistance and strong stereoscopic sense printing.
  • Thermal transfer printing – categorized in 2 ways transfer film printing and transfer processing. The result is bright in color and rich in layers of bottle prints.
  • Gold Stamping – provide clear and beautiful patterns on bottle surface. Stamped with long-lasting gold color.
  • Labeling – High-quality and complex multi-color labels can be designed on plastic bottles depending on your requests.

Custom 200ML Bottles For Various Industry Packaging

Cosmetic and Personal Care
Cosmetic and Personal Care

Gracepack has strong plastic bottle manufacturing capabilities. We can support cosmetic and personal care 200ml bottle packaging solutions.

  • Shampoo Bottle
  • Plastic Foamer Bottle
  • Spray Bottle, etc.
Food and Beverages
Food and Beverages

With our expertise and latest technology, Gracepack can produce food-grade, innovative, high-quality, and customizable packaging solutions for the food and beverages industry. We supply:

  • Ketchup plastic bottle
  • Condiments plastic bottle
  • Juice plastic bottles, etc.
Medicine Industry
Medicine Industry

Gracepack manufacture 100% recyclable, lightweight and shatterproof 200ml plastic bottle for the medical industry.

  • Pill plastic bottle
  • Cough syrup plastic bottle
  • Pharmaceutical medicine bottles, etc.
Chemical Industry
Chemical Industry

As your professional manufacturer, Gracepack supplies 200ml plastic bottles suitable for packaging a wide range of chemical products.

  • Chemical solution bottles
  • PET alcohol spray bottles
  • Laundry Detergent bottles
200ML Plastic Bottles Supplier
Reputable 200ml Plastic Bottles Supplier in China

Gracepack is your one-stop solution for plastic bottles in China. We use all types of resin materials to produce superior quality 200ml plastic bottles. Our company has passed ISO9001, FDA, and ISO22000 certifications that ensure our credibility and quality assurance. Get in touch today!

  • “Gracepack offers a great experience at all. All plastic bottles they manufacture are safe and non-toxic. It has unique and lasting printing appearance. A highly recommended company that will skyrocket your business.”

  • “I am impressed with Gracepack. Their customization services, quality, and structural design are superb! They offer low MOQ, low-cost, and unique plastic bottles that help my company boost in this industry. Exactly what I need!”

  • “I highly appreciate Gracepack for delivering durable, pleasant, and high-performance plastic bottles. Their 200ml plastic bottles come in various materials and finishes that meet my expectations. Thank you Gracepack!”

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