250 ml PET Bottles Manufacturer in China

With 20 years of experience in the bottle production industry, Gracepack has been trusted by many local and multinational brands for their product container solutions. We are active in excellent PET packaging solutions for fragrances, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, personal care, beverage products, and others.

  • ISO9001, ISO22000, and QS standards
  • Global OEM/ODM/OBM
  • Foreign Trade Supply for 10 years
  • Automated Machinery for Production

Gracepack 250 ml PET Bottles

PET bottle container is made with polyethylene terephthalate materials, the most common in the polyester family and usually used for the container of food & liquids. PET bottles have an accurate wall distribution, sharp body definition, clean surface finish, high gloss, and clear as crystal clarity.

Gracepack manufactures a wide variety of 250 ml PET bottles for various industrial applications like food & beverage. We can guarantee to provide a high-quality PET bottle as it has strictly undergone material inspection, full production line inspection, and warehousing inspection.

250 ml Cylindrical PET Smoothie Bottles

A BPA-free and made from high food grade PET bottles that are durable, clear, and suitable for cold liquid like juices and other smoothies. These PET bottles have a cylinder shape and have a capacity of 250 ml.

250 ml Cold Press Clear PET Bottles

A 250 ml PET clear bottle that is an ideal container for some liquids such as juices, bottled coffee, lemonades, smoothies, vegetable & fruit juice, and other refreshing beverages. It is available for different shapes.

250 ml Pump Type PET Bottles

A 250 ml clear and empty PET bottle comes with pump head features. It is a locking pump bottle that ideal container for various liquids such as shampoos, body wash, massage oil, hand lotion, shower gel, and others.

250 mL Frosted PET Pump Bottles

A frosted bottle made with PET materials and have a capacity of 250 ml. Its frosted features make it a perfect match for shower dispenser bottles. The designs are also printed on bottles and prevent peeling their labels.

250 mL PET Nasal Spray Bottles
250 mL PET Nasal Spray Bottles

High-quality and clear PET plastic bottles with 250 ml capacity. A safe, non-toxic, and easy-to-carry PET bottle that is perfect for nasal spray containers. Gracepack manufactures these PET bottles with tight threading and leak-proof features.

250 mL PET Bullet Bottles with Disc Top Caps
250 mL PET Bullet Bottles with Disc Top Caps

Our 250 ml PET bullet bottles are also known and called Cosmo round bottles. It comes with disc top caps and has an elegant look that makes your product looks modern in appeal. A clear and squeezable PET bottle for various uses.

Gracepack 250 mL PET Bottles Features


Grace pack 250 ml PET bottles are made from BPA-free and high-quality PET plastic. It is safe in containing foods & beverages and 100% recyclable.


The PET plastic materials used for making PET bottles have a lightweight feature. It won’t harm you or the product when it is accidentally dropped.


Our PET bottles have a high viscosity, no contact between spring and the liquid products, and can pump even the thick type of liquids like lotions.


Gracepack owns automated & fast machines for PET bottle production. As we manufacture directly the bottle, we can offer you the most-effective product.

250 ml PET Bottles Application

PET bottles are one of the very common material types of bottles that are usually used for different industries including:

  • Beverage Bottles
  • Pet Care
  • Pill Containers
  • Tattoo Containers
  • Cleaning Containers
  • Cosmetic Containers
  • others
250 ml PET Bottles Application
250 ml PET Bottles Advantages

250 ml PET Bottles Advantages

When you choose us to provide your 250 ml of PET bottles, you can experience some of the advantages such as:

  • Wide Application – can be used for various industry
  • Competitive Price – Gracepack is a direct manufacturer and offers a minimal price range.
  • Reliable Supplier – with more than millions of daily stocking inventory.
  • Excellent Customer Service – with friendly and professional customer service support.
  • Fast Delivery – we always try our best to deliver your PET bottle products on time.

250 ml PET Bottle Printing Options

Gracepack offers a wide range of printing options for PET bottles including:

  • Product name & logo printing
  • Personalized name printing
  • Sticker-type printing
  • Direct bottled printing
  • Any custom printing
250 ml PET Bottle Printing Options

Gracepack - Your Trusted Manufacturer of 250 ml PET Bottles

Gracepack - Your Trusted Manufacturer of 250 ml PET Bottles (1)
PET Bottle Company Advantages

Gracepack has a large range of PET bottle packaging solutions in China. We have the capabilities on manufacturing full custom 250 ml PET bottles that would perfectly fit our client’s applications. We have united our latest technology with our expertise in manufacturing PET bottles to produce innovative, customizable, and high-quality PET bottle solutions.

We exported our 250 ml PET bottles to 30 different regions and countries such as Japan, Australia, America, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. From different small, medium, and large industries that use PET bottles for packaging, Gracepack is one of the reliable suppliers to trust with.

Custom Classification
Custom Classification

Our 250 ml PET bottles can be customized according to its:

  • Color
  • Shape
  • Caps Type
  • Labels

You can send us your own and specific customization for PET bottles

Packaging Equipment for PET Bottles
Equipment for Packaging PET Bottles

We are using the following equipment for preparing our PET bottles for packaging and delivery.

  • Bag & Tube Sealers
  • Digital Scales
  • Induction Sealers
  • Plastic Bags
  • Label Dispensers

Custom 250 ml PET Bottles to Skyrocket Your Business - Gracepack

PET Bottle Color Options
PET Bottle Color Options

You can choose from our wide color options including:

  • Amber
  • Clear
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Violet

If your specific colors are not in the choices, we can customize them for you.

PET Bottle Shape Choices
PET Bottle Shape Choices

The 250 ml PET bottles come in a different shape types such as:

  • Cylinder
  • Square
  • Cosmo Round
  • Boston Round
  • Wide Mouth

Gracepack accepts all custom shapes of PET bottles.

PET Bottle Caps Options
PET Bottle Caps Options

PET bottles come with different caps including:

  • Brush Caps
  • Dispensing Caps
  • Droppers
  • Plastic Caps
  • Pumps
  • Sprayer
  • others
Custom 250 ML PET Bottles Manufacturer – Gracepack
Custom 250 ML PET Bottles Manufacturer – Gracepack

Gracepack can customize your 250ML PET bottles according to your specific requirements – color, shape, closure type, etc. We provide quality, customer-driven, and innovative packaging solutions efficiently, on time, and at competitive pricing.

  • “At the times that I need PET bottles as a container for my essential oil products, I rely on my packaging solutions with Gracepack. And they did not fail to impress me with their quality PET bottles. They also perfectly follow my specifications for the label and logos. Very trusted provider!”

  • “I remember when we eventually need the huge quantity of 250 ml PET bottles for immediate, we order from Gracepack and hoped to receive those bottles for the day that we need them. And we are very happy that our order arrived that day. Thank you Gracepack!”

  • “The frosted 250 ml PET bottles I ordered from Gracepack for my lotion products have a beautiful branding label. I can say that Gracepack is a professional manufacturer of PET bottles.”

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