25ML Plastic Bottles Manufacturer

Gracepack 25ml plastic bottle is made from safe, BPA-free virgin raw materials. We have limitless product options to offer for your business. You can provide your own ideas by sending us your designs.

  • Over 20+ years of experience
  • Non-toxic, odorless bottle
  • Smooth and glossy edges
  • Free samples offered

Gracepack 25ML Plastic Bottles

The 25ML plastic bottle is suitable for storing and organizing products. It can also be used for general mixing, lab tests, and more. These bottles work great for liquids, powders, samples, granular objects, and accessories. Additionally, it has a good sealing cap that ensures no leakage and moisture.

Gracepack offers 25ml plastic bottles that are food-safe and dishwasher-safe. It has accurate wall distribution, sharp body definition, clean check, and surface finish. Not to mention its high gloss and crystal clarity. Gracepack has outstanding ODM capabilities for 25ML plastic bottles. We are capable of providing all your product packaging needs. For more info, please email us today.

25ML Plastic Bottle with Screw Cap

Gracepack 25ML plastic bottle with screw cap is perfect for storing liquids. It is capable of providing a perfect seal to avoid any leakage.


The plastic bottle 25ML with a flip-top cap is suitable for essential oils, shampoo, liquid hand soap, body wash emulsion, and more.


Our 25ML plastic bottle with a child-proof cap is made from highly durable materials. This bottle features crack resistance and strength.

Wide-mouth 25ML Plastic Bottle

Gracepack wide-mouth 25ML plastic bottle offers a wide range of uses. It is designed for comfortable and easy to use and suitable for storing larger products.

25ML Plastic Bottle with Spout Cap

The 25ML plastic bottle with a spout cap is ideal for ear drops, eye drops, saline, etc. It features great sealing and leak-free performance. Available in different shapes.

Plastic Bottle 25ML-Screw Cap with Flexible Tube

Gracepack plastic bottle 25ML screw cap with flexible tube is an ideal choice for household and science classroom use. It allows for accurate and better dispensing of liquids.

Gracepack 25ML Plastic Bottles Advantage


Gracepack provides a 25ML plastic bottle from chemical-free materials. We can guarantee you that our plastic bottles are safe and reliable to use.

Crack Resistance
Crack Resistance

The 25ML Plastic bottles are designed to perform in various applications. It is capable of resisting cracks and avoiding damaging the stored products.

High Strength
High Strength

Our 25ML plastic bottle is carefully checked and tested to a different process. This method is to ensure that our bottles have reached maximum strength.

Pure FDA-approved
Pure FDA-approved

Gracepack assures you that each 25ML plastic bottle we produce is FDA-approved. You can safely use this bottle for food and drug-related business.

Materials Used in 25ML Plastic Bottles

By choosing the material category, you can choose plastic bottles based on the characteristics of each plastic. Below are the following material options for your 25ml bottle.

  • PET: Strong, light, and shatterproof; suitable for recycling
  • HDPE: Sturdy, light, and safe to handle big amounts of liquids.
  • PP: Great clarity, leak-proof, and chemical resistance.
  • LDPE. Enable incredibly robust and squeezable bottles.
  • PVC. can resist temperatures of up to 190° F.
Materials Used in 25ML Plastic Bottles
25ML Bottle Shape, Styles, and Color

25ML Bottle Shape, Styles, and Color

Gracepack design and manufacture 25ml plastic bottle in multiple categories. These selections will give you the best option to browse bottles that match your preference.

  • Shapes: Round, square, cylinder, oval, oblong, rectangle, custom
  • Styles: Wide mouth, narrow mouth, Pharm round, cosmo, etc
  • Colors: Clear, natural, amber, black, blue, green, purple, frosted, and so on

Alternatively, you can also work with our in-house design team to create a plastic bottle of 25ml that meets your specific needs.

Gracepack 25ML PET Bottles Decorations Possibilities

We have new decoration capabilities, so we can now offer a 25ml plastic bottle with up to 6 color silk-screen printing. It also comes with or without hot-stamping. The six colors are perfectly aligned with almost zero tolerances because they are printed in line in a single run.

The printed bottle is directly reviewed in-line by a camera inspection to ensure 100% flawless printing and to provide you with the greatest degree of AQL. We also offer other techniques as per request, that include UV silkscreen printing, foil stamping, waterproof PE label, etc.

Gracepack 25ML PET Bottles Decorations Possibilities

Gracepack: Your Reliable 25ML Plastic Bottle Factory

Gracepack: Your Reliable 25ML Plastic Bottle Factory1
Gracepack: Your Reliable 25ML Plastic Bottle Factory2

Gracepack focuses on 25ml plastic bottle packaging production since 1999. We incorporate a complete high-tech line and mechanized production. With that, we can produce around 200,000 pieces of a bottle per day. Following ISO standards, you can guarantee safe production. You can email us your bottle drawings or requirements.

As a leader in the industry, we have our design team to help you make ideas to prototype. Our services start from research, design, molding – production to delivery. To sum up, we serve a one-stop-shop solution. Need more details? Please get in touch with us.

Plastic Bottle 25ML Closure Options
Plastic Bottle 25ML Closure Options

Gracepack supplies plastic bottles that can be paired with various caps. These lids are available with or without liners. Following are many different closures we offered.

  • Flip-top nozzle cap Cap, Disc Cap, Screw Cap, Sprayer,
  • Pump, Aluminum Cap, Dispensing Cap, Leakage-proof Cap,
  • Tamper-evident Cap, Dropper, Pointed Cap, and so on.

A range of cap colors is also available.

Custom 25ML PET Bottle Applications

We offer custom-design 25ml plastic bottles to be used in storing, mixing, lab experiments, and more. It is widely used in different markets, including:

  • Cosmetics, Personal Care, Hair Care, Body Cream,
  • Food & Beverage, Medicine, Chemical, Craft Industry,
  • Wine and Spirits, Catering, Nutritional, Pet Health, Automotive, etc.

Gracepack provides suitable packaging solutions for your final product and target market.

Why Choose Gracepack for Custom 25ML Bottle Packaging

Reliable Industrial Expertise
Reliable Industrial Expertise

Since 1999, we’ve established a solid background in specialized plastic packaging. Gracepack has experience working with many brands in different industries.

  • Capable of handling any project
  • Supported by a group of skilled individuals
High-Standard QC Management
High-Standard QC Management

Gracepack guarantees all your custom 25ml bottle packaging projects quality. We maintain proper and successful manufacturing operations. Thus, ensure it meets food-grade packaging production qualifications.

  • ISO-9001 certified factories
  • ISO22000, BPA free, and other standards
Eco-friendly Manufacturing
Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

At Gracepack, we source sustainable raw plastic materials for custom 25ml bottle packaging. It is according to the project requirements and business scope.

  • ISO 14001 compliance manufacturing
  • Recommend an eco-friendly method to custom bottles
Practical Packaging Solution
Practical Packaging Solution

We maintain transparency in the whole production process of 25ml plastic bottle packaging. Our team will help you get the most cost-effective solution for your own project.

Timely Deliveries
Timely Deliveries

After finalizing orders, our staff will give you a call when your delivery dates are. The normal lead time is 7-14 working days. We can also provide faster delivery for urgent orders.

One-Stop 25ML Plastic Bottles Supplier in China
One-Stop 25ML Plastic Bottles Supplier in China

Gracepack is certified with ISO22000, ISO9001, FDA, BPA free standards. We comprise modern production facilities, an expert team, and great after-sales service to provide innovative packaging solutions. Free samples are offered!

  • “Gracepack employees are pleasant to work with. Always welcoming, always eager to try and assist, and the fact that they sell premium plastic bottles at affordable rates is practically a bonus. Great experience at all.”

  • “Time and time again we choose Gracepack for their great quality 25ml plastic bottles, timely delivery, and unbeatable price. No to mention the excellent personal service. Additionally, they have gone above and beyond to provide what we need.”

  • “Starting a business is not easy, so when one discovers a helpful company, it makes things a lot easier and pleasurable. The great thing we found is Gracepack, which manufactures high-quality 25ml plastic bottles that offer excellent value. I would be pleased to recommend them.”

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