30ml PET Bottle Manufacturer in China

Gracepack manufactures different reusable bottle packaging, which includes PET bottles. We offer wholesale orders at an affordable cost and accommodate customization requests.

  • Environment-friendly material
  • Certified approved product packaging
  • Wide range application
  • Scratch-resistant

Gracepack 30ml PET Bottle

The PET bottles with 30ml capacity are Polyethylene Terephthalate material made packaging for various products, like cosmetics or skin care. These materials provide clarity and lighter-weight bottle features. They have numerous cap options, including flip tops, sprayers, droppers, and custom.

Gracepack customizes 30ml PET-made bottles which adhere to ISO, CE, and SGS certification standards. We made them with hot stamped and screen printed patterns and logos as customers’ requests. Our R&D team provides your desired colors and shapes to showcase your products.

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30ml PET Foam Pump Bottle
30ml PET Foam Pump Bottle

The 30ml foam pump bottle is great for storing go-to essential liquid soap and body wash. The bottle is made of high-quality PET material, which is safe, non-toxic, and 100% eco-friendly.

30ml PET Plastic Spray Bottle

The 30ml PET plastic spray bottle has a perfect size for essential oils, perfumes, and other liquids for spray. Its lightweight characteristics make it easy to bring, handle and fill.

30ml PET Twist Top Bottle
30ml PET Plastic Twisted Top Bottle

With a twisted top, this 30ml PET plastic bottle is easy to open and close for squeezing. The top cap has a secure seal, making it unable to leak or spill the products inside. 

30ml PET Trigger Sprayer Bottle

The 30ml PET triggers spray bottle is made from 100% PET plastics with resistance to water-based and chemical-based liquids. This spray is convenient for all refilling uses.

30ml PET Frosted Travel Bottle

The 30ml frosted PET bottle is designed for travel convenience items. This container volume is portable for storing liquid beauty products that can fit in any travel and makeup bag. 

30ml PET Transparent Bottle

The 30ml PET transparent bottle has a clear and smooth plastic body that is convenient to see-through. Their transparent colors and logos for business are customizable.

Gracepack 30ml PET Bottle Advantages

icon Unbreakable

The PET bottles of any size and capacity, including 30ml, are virtually unbreakable. That makes them suitable for bathrooms, hospital rooms, and professional kitchens.

icon Lightweight

The 30ml PET-made bottles have about 10% lighter weight than glass packaging. It offers weight convenience in total product production, handling, and transporting.

icon Recyclable

Despite the size, the 30ml PET bottles are recyclable. Gracepacking has modern manufacturing technology for redesigning and making them achieve lighter weight. 

icon Chemical Resistance
Chemical Resistance

PET material used for manufacturing 30ml bottles produces rigid barriers from external chemicals. These bottles also don’t react with food and water elements.

Why Choose Gracepack

Gracepack has satisfying services offered that always follow the “quality first, customer first” principle, which includes the following:

  • Manufacturing Experience: We have about 20 years of manufacturing and molding experience for PET bottle products.
  • Design Team: Our professional engineers, design team, and sample makers are hands-on.
  • OEM/ODM: we customize shapes and decorations for branding products.
  • Factory Direct Price: Our company has a production line, reducing wholesale costs.
  • Quality: We have a rigorous quality control system, ensuring high standard quality of PET packaging products.
Why Choose Gracepack
30ml PET Bottle Specification

Customize Your 30ml PET Bottle Specifications

Gracepack has a whole advanced technology and equipment, ensuring precise specifications to meet our customers’ requirements. We customize:

  • Prints and Labels: We can do labeling, silk screen printing, hot stamping, and heat transfer printing your patterns or approved logos.
  • Surface Coating: A wide range of surface coating options are available, including soft rubber coating, electroplated coating, spray coating, and sandblasting surface.
  • Colors: We can provide 30ml PET bottle colors according to your business products’ requirements.

30ml PET Bottle Figure Options

Various industries, including cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, prefer PET bottles with 30ml capacity packaging where shapes also matter. Consider the following options!

  • Square bottle with the flip cap
  • Square-shoulder bottle
  • Veral round-shape bottle
  • Rectangular-shape bottle
  • Squat bullet bottle
  • custom
30ml PET Bottle Figure Options

Gracepack - Your Trustworthy 30ml PET Bottle Supplier

30ml PET Bottle Factory
30ml PET Bottle Supplier2

Gracepack has more than two decades of manufacturing eco-friendly PET bottles. We offer about five to six sample compatibility testings for free. Our expert design team can provide 30ml PET bottles with exact figures and prints that suit your business product requirements. We manage OEM and ODM  services where we discuss the customization details with our worldwide clients. Moreover, we ensure chemical resistance, medical, and FDA-approved PET bottles to enhance end-customers safety.

Don’t hesitate to communicate with our service team now!

30ml PET Bottle Custom Process
Gracepack Customization Processes

Gracepack assists with every customization procedure. Below are the in-order process of customizing your requested 30ml PET bottles.

  1. Communicating customers for their ideal specification
  2. Request quoting based on detailed information
  3. Sample production after receiving sample cost with 3 to 7 days sampling time
  4. Sample confirmation
  5. Mass bottle production
  6. Quality inspection processes
  7. Shipment and delivery
30ml PET Bottle Main Features
30ml PET Bottle Main Features

As your trusted supplier, we ensure advantageous features of all PET bottles we manufacture, including the following:

  • Made from excellent raw materials
  • Assembled with caps
  • Instant usages that save time
  • Accurate bottle neck sizes
  • Correctly handled by autosampler
  • Consistent specific size
  • Wide range of colors
  • Environment-friendly alternative packaging

Custom 30ml PET Bottle for Various Applications

For Cosmetics

The 30ml capacity of PET bottles is typically utilized for cosmetic products, lotion, perfume, skincare, and more. They come with different attractive finishes, logo prints, and hues, making your cosmetic product stands out among other brands.

For Hand Sanitizer

The 30ml PET bottles are in-demand for refiling hand sanitizers, personal care, and disinfectants. They are more handy and lightweight even for travel. These bottles may have spray caps or flip caps. The PET-made bottles have scratch and pressure-resistant, making them suitable for different environments.

For Essential Oils

Essential oils are also suitable for 30ml PET bottles. There are numerous body shapes available, typically round with pointed, flip caps, or twisted caps. These bottle packagings are also perfect for:

  • E-liquid
  • Stamp ink oil
  • Eyedrops and more
Gracepack 30ml PET Bottle to Boost Your Business
Gracepack 30ml PET Bottle to Boost Your Business

Gracepack specializes in PET Bottle production, typically with a 30ml capacity that features 100% recyclable, durable and versatile. We accept custom requests for labeling and provide assorted shapes, lengths, and diameters for business purposes. Expect that we will deliver top-notch products for any ideal business.

  • We’re pleased to work with Gracepack! As we chose them as our supplier, we never had a problem with our production. Our orders for 30ml PET bottles are delivered on time and in good condition.” 

  • “We had a great deal with Gracepack. Their customization service gives our business a great deal. We have our logos on the PET bottles we ordered. Our customers now quickly recognize our products which made our sales increase.”

  • “We owed it to the Gracepack team. The service assistant was thoughtful in providing us with the details and clarifying things about the suitable PET packaging we need. Also, they were very understanding of our ideas.”

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