Acrylic jar manufacturer in China

We produce acrylic jars that are stronger and more durable than glass, 50 percent lighter than glass, 10 times more impact resistant than glass, weather resistant, easy to clean, easy to fabricate, 100 percent clear, available with labels, and our material is non-toxic.

  • solid material
  • Food safe material
  • 100% transparency
  • Customised services

Gracepack Acrylic jar

The acrylic bottles we manufacture are extremely durable and can withstand impacts and scratches. They are also shatterproof, making them a safer choice for storing liquids. Acrylic bottles are highly transparent and clear, making it easy to view the contents.

550ml acrylic jar holds liquid solids, unbreakable, reusable after cleaning

10ml acrylic cosmetic jar for creme, food-grade material, safe for use

Press design can be sent directly cream, can be customized label screen printing one-stop service

50g acrylic cream jar

The 50g cream jar is compact and delicate in style, making it easy to carry.

Why Choose us?

Gracepack is a worldwide supplier of plastic jar that offers customization and sealing ways which is very good for the outcome of your business. Welcome to contact us !

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