Plastic Pepper Bottle Manufacturer

We are an established manufacturer of airtight plastic bottles trading all over the world. We could provide customized plastic bottles and caps that you require. The quality is guaranteed by virtue of our professionals who maintain the standard of durable products Plus, all our airtight plastics bottles follow such strict criteria as:

  • Food grade materials
  • Unique Creative Design
  • Durable Plastics
  • SGS Certification
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Airtight Plastic Bottle

Airtight Plastic Bottles can store your snacks, daily necessities, change, candy and etc, You can see contents easily through the transparent appearance. There are variety of sizes, shapes and designs for you to choose, All of them are made by non-toxic material, which is good for storage and using. Our Airtight Plastic Bottle is priority with quality. There are professional design departments to customize your pepper bottle, We can maintain good cooperation with customers and succeed together.

So send us inquiries no hesitate.

It is square in shape for a unique way of presenting your products.

The round shape is easier to grasp and put in the wardrobe, kitchen and other places

The black appearance can prevent ultraviolet rays and can better store food. We can also customize other colors, including bottle body and metal buckle

Narrow mouth Airlight Plastic Bottom

Shop for food storage containers at our shop. Browse a variety of plastic and glass food containers for lunches, leftovers and more

High quality Airtight Plastic Bottle

High quality AirtightPlastic Bottle resists stains without absorbing food odors or tastes

Lock Airtight Plastic Bottle

Lock Airtight Plastic Bottle has the characteristics of durability, heat resistance, multifunctional and value

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