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The bottle is a container, which is mostly made of plastic, porcelain or glass. Commonly used in liquid material (such as: water, oil, etc.). Plastic bottles are mainly made of 7 main materials, the most common of which are PET, PP, PE. Different materials have different characteristics, suitable for different scenarios

We have the ability to help customers customize the shape, color, printing, labels, etc. of the bottle. Believe in us, cooperate with us!

Cups are suitable for hot and cold, safe and environmentally friendly, without odor, suitable for milk tea shops, soy milk shops, cold drink shops, dessert houses

The bottle has an aluminum cover for easy sealing, which is suitable for various beverages and drinks. The capacity is available from 250ml to 750ml

Clear plastic juice bottles can be repeatedly used, which is very suitable for loading smoothie, juice, and even baby formula milk powder.

Clear plastic lotion bottles

Very suitable for cream, massage emulsion, hand sanitizer, beautiful black cream and bronze cosmetics

Clear plastic drops bottles

The bottle is specially disinfected. Non -toxic, easy to fill, do not hurt the skin, you can use it with confidence

Disinfection bottle

Clear Plastic Alcohol Bottles can be equipped with liquid bottle and other liquid bottles such as alcohol, hypochloride, and oral spray.

Why Choose us?

Our factory use new raw materials, all products have food -grade certificates, with excellent geographical location, and strong OEM ability

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