Can sauce bottle manufacturers and exporters in China

  • PET Bottle Aluminium cap
  • Over 30+years of experience
  • Food grade certified
  • Cuostom size and color,offer idea to draw pic. Make 3D samples
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Gracepack can sauce bottle

Gracepack can sauce bottle used for Various tamato sauce ,Steak sauce,Marinara sauce and vodka sauce and so on. We use Raw material 100% PET clearly to produce bottle ,100% raw material of aluminium to produce cap,and all of our material have been passed food grade certified.So as food packing ,it is very safe and healthy!

Can sauce bottle with shrank sleeve label and mach whole siliver lid,it has cylinder desgin round jar with aluminium lid. We have different size from 100ml -1000ml. We can do custom color of can and lid .we can do OEM for can.

Can sauce bottle also have PET material ,Aluminium lid with clear outside lid. is a unique desgin is passed for food grade . PET material is not to be broken on shipping way .this jar is easy for people to use spoon to shake out sauce ,keep sauce bottle to be clear.

Juice easy open can

Sauce can also use “coca Cola” can desgin, it can liquid sauce packing .it is easy to take it if we go hiking ,doing cooking when we have take travel.

Vacuum Sealed can

Vacuum Sealed sauce can is PET bottle ,Stainless steel buckle.we can remove the lid by hand without any tools. Cans can store Bechamel Sauce ,Cocktail sauce ,Carbonara,Barbecue sauce.all material passed food grade .

PP Sauce can accept high filling temputure sauce ,the size from 1oz to 24oz. For smaller sauce can ,it used for restaurant when they dispatch food .for bigger size can used for home , sauce wholseller and sauce factory to pack it.

Hand lid can

There are multiple options for different capacities, materials, and shapes. Gracepack’s honey has good quality, good sealing properties, and can be stored for a long time.

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