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Gracepack Candy Plastic Jar

Our Candy Plastic Jar is designed to keep candies and cookies in long term, it is usually formed with a PP plastic lid and PET jar body. The big size candy plastic jar caliber is normally wide enough for clients to reach their hands inside and take out the candies easily. The small size candy plastic jars are usually pocket size, so clients can keep in handbag or pocket when go out.

Our Candy Plastic jars are all made of food grade material, BPA free, chlorine-free, we can offer SGS test report according to FDA and EU standard, so you can be assured it is safe for your clients, especially for children. Candy plastic jars are shock-resistant, it will not break even dropped on floor by accident. We can also customize unique shapes of the candy plastic jar, animal shapes, fruit shapes, vegetable shapes, super hero shapes, you name it and we will make it.

Wide mouth opening air tight lid design, can be used to keep candies for long term

Customized Animal or Cartoon figures on top of the lid, unique in the market and very popular among kid

Jar body customized with silk printing, widely used on Halloween for kids to do trick or treat

Aluminum lid Candy Plastic Jar

Wide mouth plastic jar with classic cylinder shape, food grade PET material jar body

Square Candy Plastic Jar

Square shape jar, you can customize the printing and label sticker on the 4 sides. See through lid also available

Candy Plastic Jar with lids handle

Matching with strong lids handle, it is easy to carry. Wide mouth and clear body makes it easy to clear. Food grade material for lids and bottle body

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