Clear condiment bottles

  • Professional BBQ sauce bottle
  • Made of durable,lightweight PET
  • Crystal clear for product visibility
  • Leak protection
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Clear condiment bottles

Clear condiment bottles are common daily necessities in our lives. Various seasoning bottles are stored everywhere to make food more delicious.

Clear condiment Sauce bottle with cap use as sauce, oil, vinegar, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise dispenser.Great for restaurant and home kitchen use.It’s also perfect for outdoor barbecues.

Multi-empty plastic BBQ Sauce Bottle can be strictly controlled the dosage, thickened production, easy to clean. Transparent dust-proof cover, multi-layer protection.Meticulous workmanship and durable.And the sauce is even.

Food Storage Scale Squeezing Bottle Clear condiment bottles for kitchen Oil Pot Impeccable Design: Thoughtfully designed in a pliable cylindrical shape with 2.37” flat base, our 16 ounce condiment Squeez e bottle ensures easy and smooth release; Enjoy no-spill benefits, mess-free counters and easy cleaning with 1.1” orifice.

Square Clear condiment bottles

Square Clear condiment bottles easy to clean, one bottle for multiple uses, corrosion-resistant and durable. Store various condiments in categories, so you can see the types at a glance.

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