Clear plastic jar supplier in china

Gracepack is a supplier specialising in an exceptionally wide range of plastic jars for over 20 years. Our plastic jars are sold all over the world and are loved and supported by our customers!


  1. One-Stop Customisation and Packaging
  2. Fast Delivery
  3. Excellent Isolation
  4. BPA-free and Food-safe

Gracepack Clear Plastic Jar

Clear plastic bottles are a perfect match for cosmetics, personal care products and food products, if you are looking for fragile glass bottles as containers, why not give clear plastic bottles a try. We offer you a diverse range of customized services, with a wide range of clear plastic jars and lids in a variety of materials to choose from.

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The 200ml seasoning bottles are widely used for storing salt, sugar, pepper, chili powder and so on. Customized labels as well as lids are available.

Our plastic clear spray bottles come with a durable press tip and are equipped with a straw that is long enough to prevent the liquid level from getting too low for suction. Clear plastic spray bottles made of pet and pp material

The clear honey squeeze bottles come with silicone caps for easy squeezing and leakage prevention, liquid level can be observed at any time, and there are a variety of capacities for you to choose from and customized bottle shapes are also available.

500ml Transparent Square juice Bottle

The 500ml Clear Square Drink Bottle is made of pet and has FDA, BPA certification and is food safe. Provide customized labeling services such as labeling, heat shrink film, etc.

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