Clear plastic jars wholesale in China

  • Highly transparent
  • One of best plastic wholesale in China
  • Food grade
  • Various shapes
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Gracepack clear plastic Jars

Gracepack clear plastic Jars Wholesale focusing on clear performance, design, innovative design and R&D since 1999. These clear plastic jars with lids are available in a variety of colors and sizes, with a wide assortment of options.

PET Clear plastic Jar can store different food ,such as tea, dried fruits, candies, and agricultural by-products. A good seal keeps food in its best condition.

Square clear plastic jar with clear PET Material ,with food grade . A square jar with an oversized capacity is both practical and beautiful.

Big capacity plastic spice clear Jar suitable for the whole family .Let delicious condiments bring fragrance and joy to family and friends.Food-grade material gives people enough sense of security.

Clear plastic storage jar

Clear plastic storage jar with Portable lid ,Not only can store food, but also can store children’s small toys. Designed with a portable lid for easy portability.

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