Clip lock jar manufacturer in China

Ideal for the home, these Clip lock jar is perfect for storing a variety of baking and cooking ingredients and can pickle. The silicone seal keeps products fresh, and these jars are great for helping you organize a variety of ingredients around the house!

    • Silicone ring seal design
    • Easy opening and closing
    • Both glass and plastic materials
    • Stylish and diverse
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Gracepack Clip lock jar

Our clip lock jar high quality airtight seal protects your product for a longer shelf life. Unlike regular jars, our clip lock jars come with a closure, making them easier to use. Clip top jars not only protect your products, but also look great on the shelf. Create the perfect artisanal look for your products, whether it’s preserves, jams or fruit. Our clip lock jars are durable and impressive. All sizes of jars will delight you in terms of quality, range and strength. They are durable without losing their integrity and can be reused and recycled.

Small capacity jars for easy storage of spices

500ml capacity, can store candy preserves or nuts

Large capacity to hold more food

800ml plastic honey clip lock jar

Capable of holding 1000g of honey

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