Empty spice Bottles Manufacture

We offer a variety of jar sizes, so you can find the perfect jar for your needs to keep your spices fresh and easily accessible.

  • Sturdy Materia
  • Multi Purpose
  • Easy to Use and Clean
  • Use Confidently
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Empty spice Bottles

Our spice bottles are made of high quality PET material, food grade, recyclable material, with various certificates, such as BPA, EN, and can be exported to various countries.

Our factory also supports customized service and door-to-door delivery, with more than 30 years of export experience.

The round bottle is ergonomic and easy to grip, and you can customize a wrap-around label .

The square design makes the spice bottle aesthetically pleasing and very neat and clean to display in the kitchen.

We have a very large number of plastic bottles, very strong and durable, equipped with different lids.

Glass Spice bottles

We have not only plastic bottles, but also glass bottles, the price is also very good, welcome to inquire!

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