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Essential Oil Containers are often used for the preservation and packaging of various essential oils, and in the process of use, it can be well measured and prevented from UV damage to maintain maximum freshness.

2 oz essential oil containers with misting sprayer use dark brown color . Convenient size used for many DIY recipe kits .Misting sprayer works for personal and household usd .And the brown bottle protects contents from UV light .

Square oil containers have many size and shape ,Keep essential oils fresh.Can be environmentally friendly recycling. The oil container with a transparent dropper, the capacity can be clearly seen.

Brown oil Containers are reinforced, strong and can be recycled.During use, the inner plug can effectively control the flow rate and prevent excess liquid from flowing out.

Custom oil bottles Containers

Custom oil bottles Containers with bamboo cap dropper .Unique shape, so that the product packaging more grade.

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