Gracepack Frosted plastic jars is China

  • unique semi-transparent appearance
  • made out of polypropylene plastic
  • Customized color
  • Different size

Frosted plastic jars is China

Frosted plastic jars offer a unique semi-transparent appearance, with an elegant frosted look. The frosted plastic jar index includes containers made out of polypropylene plastic.

Frosted sealed tank series with many capcities suitable for many different types of food .The hazy appearance and sealing properties can preserve the freshness of food for a longer period of time.

This frosted osmetic bottles is unpainted and is high quality frosted plastic jar. The jar comes with a refill lid so product doesn’t sit on the lid.

Frosted cream jar with the perfect quality can reduce costs while providing retailers, large chains and even end-users with premium packaging that can look stylish.

Customized frosted pink jar with spoon

Customized frosted pink Body Butter Scrub Cream jar with spoon and Lid Plastic Luxury Skin Care 150ml 200ml 300ml 500ml .Can reduce their environmental impact , recyclability and sustainability .

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