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  • PET plastic unique design
  • Jars possesses characteristics such as durability, good clarity, a good moisture barrier, and tends to be impact resistant
  • Choose best suits your packaging need
  • Good service
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Gracepack PET Jars

Gracepack PET Jars Wholesale focusing on PET performance, design, innovative design and R&D since 1999. These PET plastic jars with lids are available in a variety of colors and sizes, with a wide assortment of options.

Straight round jar with pp lid or aluminum lid can store different food ,such as tea, dried fruits, candies, and agricultural by-products. A good seal keeps food in its best condition.

Internet celebrity kimchitan ice cream jar keep up with fashion trends and have a variety of options, giving you fashion and deliciousness, coolness and comfort.

Fruit fishing square PET jar with many sizes, with portable carrying cover .You can choose your favorite fruits and mix them with yogurt, so you can enjoy delicious food during spring outings, camping or hiking.

PET frost jar

PET frost jar with pp lid and PET hand-pull lid ,good sealing keeps the cream clean and high quality. And we can customize frost jars in various colors and capacities and print your unique design on them.

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