heat resistant plastic jars

Our plastic bottles are made of food grade plastic, they have excellent heat resistance and can easily store hot water without warping! So you can use them longer than other bottles. Great for storing hot and cold beverage water. Perfect for juice bars, restaurants, desserts or home use!

  • heat resistant material
  • in various of shapes
  • high quality supplier
  • One stop supplier
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heat resistant plastic jars

In order to fulfill the various needs of our customers, we, Igus, are committed to providing world-class products and are one of the outstanding manufacturers, traders and suppliers of high-quality products in China. Owing to all these reasons, we have established a large network of clients in both domestic and international markets. We have a team of dedicated professionals who have been able to enhance our business due to their positive efforts towards the company. Our experts are highly knowledgeable and are able to effectively fulfill the various needs and requirements of our clients within the stipulated timeframe. We also have highly skilled experts who manage the entire production process in a proper manner.

The grinder series is very popular in Europe, and our price is very low, because we export a lot of quantities to reduce the cost, there are also many styles!

Seasoning bottles are the most popular products in our company, with a wide variety of shapes, such as square, round can also be custom molded, the lid is also customized for each customer.

We also have a wide range of lids for sauce bottles, such as silicone valve lids, sharped lids, flip lids, and we can also provide labels for different flavors of sauce.

Beverage bottles

The series of beverage bottles is the most numerous, because he can be any shape, especially cartoon, holiday shapes are loved by customers!

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