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Product Description

Plastic ketchup bottle is easy to squeeze , since it’s normally fill with ketchup,sauce, syrup and honey. The ketchup bottle are made of PET, PP,PE with Non-drip silicone valve lid , tamper-evident cap, or normal flip cap. they are all food grade material and can be customized into all shapes, capacities and colors.

We can always be your good choice for Plastic ketchup bottle as we can provide one-stop solution from design to production, we have more than 20 years experience in this business and can always make your products unique among your competitors.

It’s suitable for ketchup,syrup,honey, sauce with child non-drip silicon valve cap,it’s upside down shelf stable

Dual, wide-mouth openings for easy cleaning and refill. With an easy-to-use squeeze design, this squeeze bottle is great for customers and staff to serve condiments, sauces, or toppings.

Food Safe, Commercial-Grade Plastic, BPA Free, Microwavable and Dishwasher Safe on the top.Colorful soft squeeze bottle in PE material.Easy to squeeze out ketchup.

Red Plastic Condiment Squeeze Bottles

Food safe-BPA free,PE material.
Easy refill- tops unscrew for easy refilling
Leak resistant-Multiple rows of thread makes bottles leak-free.

Mini Plastic Ketchup Bottles

25ml Mini Ketchup Bottles Plastic Portable Squeezable Squirt Condiments Jars Refillable Salad Dressing Tomato Ketchup Mayo Syrup,The soft bottle body can be squeezed, and it is easy to distinguish by classification.

3 Hole Squeeze Bottle Condiment Dispenser for Ketchup

It’s convenience design for ketchup,oil and sauce.  There’re 3 holes on the top of the cap, its easy cut-to-fit nozzles and a stay tight that easily screws off but won’t pop off.

Why Choose us?

We’re a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with design,development,and production of plastic products.Our Products all passed SGS test, ISO9001,LFGB,BPA free ,FDA etc.We have served for 26,295 customers from 102 countries in the past 20 years.We have hundreds of molds and can produce many types of bottle shapes.

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