Custom PCR Bottle Manufacturer in China

Gracepack is a knowledgeable manufacturer that provides ODM/OEM services for your preferred PCR bottle. We also have our expert R&D team who can work on customizing your packaging needs.

  • Highly compatible
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sustainable bottle packaging
  • Entirely recyclable refill system

Gracepack Wholesale PCR Bottle

PCR or post-consumer resin bottles are created from recycled plastic or bottles that have an ecologically friendly material. These bottles are formed by collecting and sorting the used plastics in domestic and recycling programs. The recovered materials are crushed, cleaned, dried, and pelletized, so they may be utilized in new industrial processes.

Gracepack expertly creates customized PCR bottles in various shapes, sizes, and types of recycled materials. They are ideal for clients who want to embrace the circular advantages of recycled content in their product packaging. Gracepack PCR bottle increasing levels offer a better sustainable alternative. 

Get in touch with us for immediate support with all your requirements and requests.

PCR Flat Square Plastic Bottle
PCR Flat Square Plastic Bottle

The PCR flat square plastic bottles are designed for essential oils, perfumes, and skincare packaging. They are suitable for silk printed labels or logos with a wide range of capacity options.

PCR Twist Lock Pump Bottle
PCR Twist Lock Pump Bottle

The PCR twist lock pump bottles have various color options and volume capacity. They have a double spring pressure pump, thick bottom, and big mouth design with stable pressure.

Luxury Gradient PCR Bottle
Luxury Gradient PCR Bottle

Luxury gradient PCR bottles can have shrink wraps, hot-stamped, or heat transfer print logos. They are available in different sizes and gradient style colors, perfect for elevating your cosmetic products.

PCR Plastic Matte Pump Bottle
PCR Plastic Matte Pump Bottle

The PCR plastic matte pump bottles are suitable for various cap styles. Their shapes, sizes, and body hues are customizable. They are affordable packaging for your skin care products.

PCR Plastic Boston Round Bottle
PCR Plastic Boston Round Bottle

PCR plastic Boston round bottles can have pearl effects or gradient colors with soft touch logo or labeling prints. They have 100ml-1000ml capacity yet are customizable according to requests.

Recycled Plastic PCR Bottle
Recycled Plastic PCR Bottle

The recycled plastic PCR bottles typically come with a foam pump sealing type. They are available in transparent, black, amber, and custom colors. Their packaging and prints are also customizable.

Why Choose Gracepack PCR Bottles

Customer Retention
Customer Retention

The PCR bottles are eco-friendly packaging and effective for marketing strategies. They are consumer-friendly plastics and have excellent customer retention packaging.

Lasting Sustainability
Lasting Sustainability

Choosing product bottles made from PCR materials achieves sustainability and lasting economic growth. They are more excellent options than non-recycled plastics.

Reduced Carbon Footprint
Reduced Footprint

Using PCR-made bottles and packaging reduces waste and decreases carbon footprints. It is a superior packaging material when striving for a more circular economy.

Regulatory Obedience
Regulatory Obedience

Utilizing PCR bottles adhere to government rules and regulations regarding environmental awareness. They are more regulatory-friendly and achieve eco requirements.

Gracepack Customization Service Processes

Gracepack professionally manages customization assistance for every level of the process. The following tells the in-order service procedure we perform.

  1. Accommodating customers’ requests
  2. Draft drawing and design approval
  3. Molding process
  4. Sending sample confirmation
  5. Mass PCR bottle production
  6. Shipment & delivery
PCR Bottle Custom Process
PCR Bottle Surface Treatment

PCR Bottle Surface Treatment Options

Our manufacturing team customizes your desired PCR bottle surfaces. The following includes some options.

  • Matte with oil-painted surface
  • Pearl hue surface
  • Frosted finishes
  • Mold surface etched
  • Metallic color surface
  • Electroplated coated

Benefits of Using PCR Bottles

Using PCR packaging like bottles for business products is beneficial. Below are some benefits and reasons why switch to PCR-made bottles.

  • Decreases virgin plastic usage
  • Reuses single-use plastic items
  • Greatly lessen landfill dumping
  • Recyclable for new production
  • Shows brand owner awareness of the environment
  • Post-consumer utilization helps establish a circular economy
  • Stress cracking resistant
  • Durable and looks like PET plastic
PCR Bottle Benefits

Your Long-term Trusted PCR Bottle Supplier- Gracepack

PCR Bottle Production Factory
PCR Bottle Production Factory

For more than 20 years, Gracepack has been relied upon in the PCR bottle manufacturing industry. We are dedicated to providing a wide selection of PCR bottles that are exceptionally durable, of the highest quality, and have unique features.

All Gracepack PCR bottles have received complete ISO and FDA certifications. That is thoroughly examined and offers a defect-free warranty. We also offer a dependable design and recommendations for the best PCR bottle suitable for your product packaging types of equipment. Contact us now, and we’ll carry out the complete procedure.

PCR-Made Bottle Application
PCR-Made Bottle Application

Gracepacks manufactures PCR-made bottles that suit various applications. A comprehensive range of bottle designs fits the following product utilization.

  • Handwashing fluid
  • Shower gel
  • Skin care lotion
  • Spray perfume
  • Shampoo
  • Disinfectant
  • more
Custom Shapes for PCR Bottles
Custom Shapes for PCR Bottles

There are numerous PCR bottle shapes used for suitable packaging products. Consider the following options.

  • Flat based Boston
  • Short / Tall square
  • Slim tubular shape
  • Spherical shape
  • Vogue bottle
  • Roll-on bottle
  • Cylindrical shape
  • Rectangular shape
  • Custom

Gracepack - Offers Advanced Services for Your PCR Bottle

High Standards and Quality
High Standards and Quality

PCR bottle solutions are produced to the highest standards using the finest recyclable materials. Gracepack takes great pleasure in upholding the industry standards for both our product line and personnel.

We also have held the ISO22000, ISO9001, BPA-free, and other certification standards. Which demonstrates our dedication to local and international enterprises. 

Rich Experience

We at Gracepack are pleased that our rich experience has spread to all of our manufacturing facilities across the world.

Additionally, we make it a point to get to know everyone we deal with. By doing this, production time, resources, and quality are all efficiently used.

Eco-Friendlier Stock Products
Eco-Friendlier Stock Products

By utilizing materials that can be recycled, Gracepack works to make sure that all of our products, including the PCR bottle, are sustainable.

PCR- RPP and PCR-RPET materials are two types of plastic that we want to see used more frequently. We leave less of an environmental imprint due to these materials.

Gracepack - Your One-stop PCR Bottle Solutions for Your Business/Project

Gracepack makes it easy for your PCR bottle purchases. Depending on your minimum order quantities (MOQs) and the kind of PCR bottle product you need for your company businesses, we have a variety of buying alternatives available. Just send your inquiry now.

  • “We appreciate Gracepack assistance in meeting our needs for PCR bottles. They provide it with a lot of advantages including durable and recyclable materials. We also additionally like their handling of our transaction with promptness and efficiency.”

  • “Gracepack designed the ultimate and appropriate PCR bottle that is both tough and environmentally friendly. I thank Gracepack for designing the right PCR bottle for my cosmetic business. ”

  • “Gracepack helped me with my request for PCR bottles. They have trusted exporters in China, and the products they offer are ideal and good for packaging solutions in various applications.”

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