PE Bottles Supplier in China

Gracepack supplies best-quality PE bottles in various shapes and sizes. It can be used for a range of cosmetics, health, chemical goods, etc. We can print your bottles with your logo or design.

  • Durable and chemical-resistant
  • Available in different sizes: 7ml-3L
  • Printed with up to 4 colors
  • Wide closure options

Gracepack PE Bottles

The PE bottles are made from materials with superior durability and good insulation. Though it’s lightweight, it is capable of resisting corrosion and is water-proof. They are stable in different weather temperatures. Plus, it’s easy to clean and flexible in any application. Ideal for transport and long-term storage.

Gracepack always puts quality on our PE bottle products. Our professional team is focused on developing PE bottles with your required specifications. Send us your designs! We are glad to add your own ideas for creating PE bottles.

PE Wide Mouth Plastic Bottle

Gracepack PE wide-mouth plastic bottle is perfect for capsules, liquids, reagents, and vitamins. Free from harmful chemicals.

PE Screw Cap Bottle

PE screw cap bottle is widely used for packaging applications in different industries. This type of bottle provides comfortable closing and opening.

PE Plastic Twist Cap Bottle

Our PE plastic twist cap bottle is suitable for liquid products such as liquid solvents, syrups, and cooking oil. This bottle features corrosion resistance.

Squeezable PE Dropper Bottle
Squeezable PE Dropper Bottle

Gracepack squeezable PE dropper bottle is made from BPA-free materials. It has a fine tip for precise filling.

Narrow Mouth PE Bottle
Narrow Mouth PE Bottle

Narrow mouth PE bottle is 100% recyclable and safe to use. It does not contain any harmful substances. This PE bottle doesn’t impart or retain flavors.

Thick Wall PE bottle
Thick Wall PE bottle

Our thick wall PE bottle has a large capacity and is suitable for rugged duty. Gracepack manufactures PE bottles with leak-proof and good sealing features.

Gracepack PE Bottles Features


Gracepack provides PE bottles for wide applications. We are manufacturing reusable and durable PE bottles to give more profit to your business.


Our PE bottles can be used in tough and rugged applications. We are operating high-standard tests to ensure that our PE bottles are durable.


Our rigid construction makes each product high-quality and impact-resistant. You can ensure that our PE bottles are high-standard.


Gracepack PE bottles are capable of storing strong products or chemicals. It has a leak-proof cap to avoid any moisture or condensation.

Why Choose Gracepack PE Bottles

  • Tough and widely recyclable
  • Tamper-evident, leak-resistant
  • Lightweight, energy-efficient;
  • Cost-efficient and quick to market
  • Impact-resistant with top-load strength
  • Available in a huge variety of sizes and shapes
  • Standard and customized colors are available
  • Fit a variety of caps and closures
Why Choose Gracepack PE Bottles
PE Plastic Bottle Manufacturing Process

PE Plastic Bottle Manufacturing Process

Gracepack made PE bottles in large volumes using the bottle-forming method. The preform plastic blanks or so-called preforms are heated above the glass transition temperature. It passed through infrared heat sources to reach the necessary temperature for forming. Aside from that, there are also other methods, such as:

  • Reheat and blow molding
  • Extrusion blow molding
  • Reciprocating blow molding

As an expert manufacturer, we will provide an economic and simple production process for your PE bottles. Send us an inquiry now.

Gracepack PE Bottle Packaging Uses

Whatever your business sector is, we have the right bottle for you. Get your product the best PE bottle packaging and let your brand rocket in the market. The following are common uses of our PE bottle in various fields.

  • Filling liquid or viscous products
  • Store powder, oil tablets, and solid capsules
  • Package detergents, bathroom cleaners, disinfectants, etc
  • Used to package lubricants, engine oil, and other products
  • Package cosmetic products like serums, facial cleansers, lotions, and so on.
Gracepack PE Bottle Packaging Uses

Gracepack: Your Best PE Bottles Manufacturer in China

PE Bottle China Factory
PE Bottles China

Gracepack owns about 10,000m2 state-of-the-art manufacturing factories. We manufacture and produce high-quality PE bottles with high safety. There are many categories to choose from, including sizes and shapes. These bottles also come with numerous closure options. You can find the optimum packaging solution for your product at Gracepack.

You can send your PE bottle design. Our in-house designers will produce a thorough CAD product drawing. That includes all of your bottle critical dimensions. We have more than 10 patents for appearance and use. Bring your idea to life with Gracepack. Email us right away!

Custom Logo PE Bottle
Custom Logo PE Bottle

Being a PE bottle manufacturer, Gracepack has complete in-house decorating facilities. It encompasses all decoration techniques for your bottles. That involves:

  • Silk screen printing
  • Pad printing
  • Hot foil blocking
  • Labeling
  • Shrink Sleeving
  • Spray Coating, and other decorative services.
Custom Closure Options

There is numerous closure selection for your PE bottle needs. We’ve listed some below:

  • Screw-off Caps
  • Child-resistant cap
  • Dropper Insert
  • Seal Cap
  • Dispensing pumps
  • Sprays or mist pumps

We also offer other closures upon request.

Gracepack PE Bottles Market Served.

Food & Beverage Industry
Food & Beverage Industry

Our PE bottle packaging solutions are fully functional and sustainable. It’s safe, convenient, and effective. We serve different food and drink brands, giant or small companies – deliver quick and efficient service.

Pharmaceutical Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry

We produce PE bottles in compliance with pharma industry quality requirements. At Gracepack, we manufacture standard and custom bottle packaging solutions. FDA-certified and BPA-free.

Household Chemicals
Household Chemicals

Gracepack has a packaging solution for household chemical products. These come in an assortment of bottle capacity, types, closure, and so on. Label printing can be done in different printing methods, such as offset, flexo, and digital.


We are working on different cosmetics brands for many years. Whether your brand is prestige or masstige, Gracepack can tailor a packaging solution, accordingly. Our team work on extending your brand’s iconic design into its packaging.

PE Bottle Factory
One-Stop PE Bottle Manufacturing Solution

Gracepack is an ISO 9001-compliant PE bottle manufacturer. We are integrated with a professional design team, fully automatic line, and complete OEM/ODM capabilities. Launch a new PE bottle product model every month!

  • “As a distributor of more than 100 factories, it’s critical that our bottles receive quick service. This and much more may be found on Gracepack. We can deliver to our customers on time, every time, thanks to quick, efficient service. For all of our bottle needs, Gracepack is the best option for us in China, and we wouldn’t consider using anyone else.”

  • “Gracepack has been a terrific company to work with over the years. It consistently goes above and above to meet our needs. They are unmatched in their flexibility and accuracy regarding delivery times and dates. Would love to work with you again.”

  • “For many years, we have ordered PE bottles from Gracepack. Their products have consistently impressed us with their great quality and reasonable prices. Excellent client service; always ready to assist if we need bottles urgently.”

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