PE Jar Wholesale is your caring partner

1.sustainable and environmentally friendly
2.the bottle wall is smooth and thick
3.Choose best suits your packaging need
4.Good service

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PE Jar Wholesale is your caring partner

Gracepack PE Jars Wholesale focusing on PE performance, design, innovative design and R&D since 1999. These PE plastic jars with lids are available in a variety of colors and sizes, with a wide assortment of options. 

PE Mousse jar is made of PE thickening material, and the bottle wall is smooth and thick without burrs.Wide diameter screw mouth, easy to turn and easy to fill .

1L round PE jar In line with the concept of sustainable and environmentally friendly development . Our packaging can also be revalorised on the “cradle to cradle” principle :In this case, your packaging will create new material that will be used to make new packaging (bottles, jars…)

Square PE ja is Professional packaging is the best advertising for your business .We provide customized and standard sample packing, applicable in a wide range of disciplines.

Flip top PE jar

Flip top PE jar can preferably PP material, frosted translucent texture, fine workmanship, durable, rigorous technology, light and compact. Meet aviation standards, can be carried on the plane.

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