Pet cans manufacturer in China

We are a manufacturer of PET cans, which are a combination of PET cans and easy-open aluminium lids that combine the characteristics of jars and bottles to hold fruit juices or foodstuffs. PET cans are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional cans and are 100% transparent.

  • 100% transparency
  • Food safe material
  • Easy Lid Design
  • One-Stop Service

Gracepack Pet cans

We produce transparent PET can packaging, strong and lightweight, reduce transport costs, easy to carry. Good perception, consumers can directly see the contents, show the grade and value of your products, food-grade plastic cans, suitable for food packaging, airtight, no overflow, good transparency, good food storage, easy to open

We offer a bespoke colour service, including caps and bottles.

Large capacity design to hold more, custom labelling available

Holds solid food, like biscuits and biscuits, prevents moisture from softening and has a strong seal for a long shelf life.

345ml juice pet cans

Beautiful style, can directly observe the contents of the bottle, not easy to leakage

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