PET plastic bottles can make

  • PET Beverage bottle
  • PET Spice bottle
  • PET Cosmetic bottle
  • PET Honey bottle
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PET jar manufacturer

PET is the most widely used material in the packaging industry because of its easy recyclability and environmentally friendly properties.

For PET jars, we can do 5ML to 500ML, if you want other capacity (1L or 1.5L )we also support customization.Welcome to inquiry!

For candy jars we can make a lot of very cute shapes, and depending on the various holidays we have corresponding themes, such as animal jars and love jars.

Our best-selling beverage bottles are square and round, we can also do a variety of colors, so that it is easy for customers to fill different fruit juices to differentiate between sales

For storage jars our capacity can be very large, 1L to 5L can be, if you want to be bigger support customization.

Mini capacity PET jars

We also do all kinds of small travel set dispenser bottles, usually 5ML or 10ML jars, we also support packaging customization.

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