Gracepack PET Preform

Gracepack provides a full assortment of PET preform for packaging and storing various products. We are using a highly-accurate injection molding process in creating preforms. You can get unique preforms for your projects.

  • Optimal stretch ratios
  • Full range of specialty additives
  • UV and temperature-resistant
  • Competitive factory-direct price

PET Preforms Manufacturer in China

The PET preform has great flexibility in terms of designs. Different volumes, weights, and shapes of the neck are available. PET preform is suitable for storing pickles, oils, medicines, water, and more. There is an immense variety of PET preforms, ranging from 15cl up to more than 20-liter capacity.

Gracepack has extensive experience in manufacturing preforms. We have a professional team that develops high-quality PET preforms. You can also request customization for a certain design or type of preforms.

28mm PET Preform

The 28mm PET preform is a food-grade product suitable for the food and medical industries. This preform is available in transparent or with colors.

Plastic PET 20mm Preform

Our plastic PET 20mm preform is suitable for storing small volumes. Depending on your needs, we can change the shape of the neck of the preform.

30mm Plastic PET Preform

Gracepack 30mm plastic PET preform has embedded layers to increase the product’s shelf life. You can also choose a single-layer pet preform.

Plastic PET 24mm Preform
Plastic PET 24mm Preform

Our plastic PET 24mm preform is perfect for storing beverages, dairy products, and more. We also added appealing designs for more engagements.

32mm Plastic PET Preform
32mm Plastic PET Preform

The 32mm plastic preform can be used for edible and non-edible products. It has high flexibility and is resistant to harsh conditions.

Plastic PET Preform 46mm
Plastic PET Preform 46mm

Gracepack plastic PET is ideal for storing much larger products. We made it lightweight yet highly durable and suitable for hot liquids.

Plastic PET Preform Advantage


We are using tested quality materials in manufacturing PET preforms. The product’s durability and sustainability are guaranteed.

Stable Structure
Stable Structure

The PET preforms we produce have a stable structure. It enhances the capability of our preform in storing chemical products.


Gracepack produces a non-toxic PET preform. Our preform does not release any harmful substance or chemicals when used.


Gracepack offers full customization of PET preforms for best deals. We can create products ideally for your market demands.

Key Benefits of Gracepack PET Preform

  • Available in several neck finishes, lengths, and weights
  • High transparency, high toughness, and 100% virgin material
  • Low water absorption, excellent clearance, and good gloss
  • Lower carbon emissions and freight costs
  • Can be produced with PCR, reduces environmental impact
  • Enhanced temperature, UV, light, and oxygen protection
  • Customize color and design options available
Key Benefits of Gracepack PET Preform
Our Wide Range of PET Preforms

Our Wide Range of PET Preforms

At Gracepack, we offer a large assortment of PET preforms for different industries. It varies in neck finish, colors, variants, weight, and shapes. We’ve listed below the following product applications of our preforms.

  • PET Preform for waters
  • PET Preform for carbonated drinks
  • PET Preform for juices
  • PET Preform for sports drinks
  • PET Preform for jars
  • Customize PET Preforms

PET Bottle Preform Manufacturing

Gracepack’s automated production line and quality assurance tools. These resources enable us to produce higher-quality products while also increasing productivity. We utilize a series of checks and balances throughout our manufacturing process. That way, we guarantee quality is built into everything we do.

  • Initial reviews for weights, visual flaws, and wall variance
  • Procedure inspection
  • Operator records of important checks
  • Final assessment for dimensions, aesthetic quality, and finish
PET Bottle Preform Manufacturing

Gracepack: Your Custom PET Preform Supplier in China

Custom PET Preform Manufacturer

For more than 20 years, Gracepack has built know-how in the plastic packaging industry. We design PET preform for condiments, water bottles, food, beverage, etc. There is a large selection of PET preforms, including 30mm, 38mm, and 55mm, to name a few. We can also produce PET preform according to your requirements.

The sourcing and selection of raw materials are done with great care. It is to meet the standards for quality and food safety. We are equipped with an automated production line and quality assurance tools. With that, Gracepack can offer a variety of unique PET preforms. Send us your requirement now.

Custom Preform PET Development
Custom Preform PET Development

If you’re looking for unique preforms for your business, rely on Gracepack OEM service. We can make innovations according to your drawings. Here’s how we do it.

  • Sourcing and careful raw material selection
  • Open Mold Start Small-batch Production
  • Proceed with Bulk Preform injection
  • Blow molding preparation
  • Qualified inspection
  • Finish product storage
Why Choose Gracepack for your Preforms Need

Gracepack offers a total solution, from initial conceptualization to finished product. Here’s why 1000+ customers trust and keep cooperating with us.

  • Flexible preform design
  • Advanced manufacturing capabilities
  • Stringent quality testing and standards
  • Prioritize sustainability and quality
  • Fast local and international delivery
  • Excellent customer service

Gracepack PET Plastic Preforms Applications

PET Preform for Pharma
PET Preform for Pharma

Gracepack offers a wide range of PET preforms for pharmaceutical use. It is ideal for vitamins, prescription medications, and more. It comes in various capacities and neck diameters. Also available in tamper evident caps and closures.

For your health and pharmaceutical brand packaging, Gracepack offers everything you need.

PET Preform for Oil
PET Preform for Oil

The PET preform specially designed for edible oil is available in a large selection. These preforms are produced by state-of-the-art machines, made specifically for processing PET material.

Being a manufacturer that places a premium on quality, we have upped our standards to an international level.

PET Preform for Dairy
PET Preform for Dairy

PET preform as dairy product packaging enables cost-savings, both manufacturing, and transportation. It ensures ideal product presentations and practical handling.

Available in a variety of quantities weighing 260-485 g.

Pet Preform for Cosmetics
PET Preform for Cosmetics

Gracepack delivers attractive PET preform for the cosmetics industry. These products are offered in a variety of patterns, styles, and sizes. They are in great demand because they have the following qualities:

Leakage prevention, minimal melting point, increased optical density, and capable of working in high temperatures.

Plastic PET Preform for Liquor
Plastic PET Preform for Liquor

The PET preform for liquors is FDA-approved, BPA-free bottles. It undergoes rigorous quality testing following company periodicals. That includes ESCR, melt inflow index test, etc.

Various sizes, neck finishes, and closures are available.

PET Plastic Preforms to Increase Productivity

Gracepack specializes in manufacturing a full assortment of PET preforms. We offer PET preforms in standard sizes, weights, and colors. In addition, we can produce custom PET preform according to your project quantities and requirements. Contact us now!

  • “Gracepack has a history of offering effective packaging solutions quickly. The only business that can support our system’s particular specifications. You are a great partner for us. We know we can always rely on you.”

  • “One of the best preform facilities in China and throughout the world. In close collaboration with Gracepack, we have premium PET preform with superior features and aesthetically pleasing. Gracepack has always delivered excellence. Keep up the good work.”

  • “Gracepack marketing and production teams are very professional. Their PET preforms are very high-quality and shipment was delivered before our expectations. Good job. It was a pleasure dealing with Gracepack.”

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