Plastic airtight jars supplier

Our plastic Jars are exported to countries all over the world, and our brand influence is also great, supporting all customized services

  • Size for Easy Using
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Good Sealing
  • Applicable Occasions

Plastic airtight jars

Plastic bottles are used for many products in today’s manufacturing industry, and Egrace offers a large inventory of high-quality, sturdy plastic bottles to meet your manufacturing needs. Whether you’re producing the latest fad in beverages or manufacturing colorful bottles, our inventory of plastic bottles will provide you with reliable containers and guaranteed product satisfaction. There are many companies that offer plastic bottles for sale, but at our facility, we are confident that we have the perfect solution for your application.

There are many types of sauce bottles, such as squeeze bottles, which can also be used for honey, with different lids

There are also many types of plastic jars for spices, with different lids, and the lids are also equipped with sealing gaskets, with different designs of lids

Candy jars need to be in good shape, clear PET is the most popular plastic jars, and can be labeled with customer’s cute stickers or logos

Nuts jars

Nut jars can come in different shapes, especially large-capacity jars that organize well

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