Plastic Bottles with Caps Manufacturer

GracePack offers a wide range of sturdy, high-quality plastic bottles with a cap to exceed your manufacturing needs. These bottles are manufactured to provide you with dependable containers, assuring great satisfaction.

  • Highly customizable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable
  • BPA-free

GracePack Plastic Bottle with Cap

The plastic bottle with lids is a perfect solution for packing drinks. It is produced from premium quality plastic such as PP resin, LDPE, HDPE, and PET. It can guarantee recyclable, reusable, and BPA-free. Also, this bottle is used for storing baby formulas, milk, or smoothies, condiments, salad dressing, shampoo, and conditioners.

GracePack provides different sizes of plastic bottles with caps, from gallon size, liter size, ml size to oz size. Various colors and shapes are available and can be customized to your needs. Our team is always ready to talk to your customization requests and reach your production corner with each order.

Shampoo Plastic Bottle with Cap

The shampoo plastic bottle with a cap is multifunction. They serve as shampoo and lotion bottles. Also available in screw caps and pump caps.

Plastic Bottle with Spiral Cap

Our plastic bottle with a spiral cap is used for packaging cosmetics, body lotion, shampoo, cream, and other specified liquids.


These plastic lotion bottles with caps are also suitable for packing liquid, alcohol, essential oil, hand sanitizer, and many more.

Plastic Bottle with CRC Cap
Plastic Bottle with CRC Cap

Our plastic bottle with CRC cap has no mess, an all-in-one design to make short fill more elegant. They have tamper-evident and childproof seals.

Pump Spray Cap Plastic Bottle

Gracepack pump spray cap plastic bottle has locking and unlocking features. They can be available in any color, finish, and size.

Round-Shaped Plastic Bottle with Cap

These types of plastic bottles are multifunctional with a threaded mouth design. They are easy to tighten and open.

Why Choose GracePack Plastic Bottle with Lid

No Leak
No Leak

Due to its tamper-evident caps, our plastic bottle ensures leak-proof and excellent airtight for juicing applications.


GracePack plastic bottle with cap is fabricated from premium quality hydrocarbons that make them durable and lightweight.


Manufactured from food-grade PET materials to guarantee BPA-free, chemical-free, tasteless, reliable, and safe.

Risk-Free Purchase
Risk-Free Purchase

GracePack’s goal is to provide customer satisfaction. You can contact us in case our plastic bottles did not exceed your needs.

Unique Closure Type

GracePack offers different finishes and neck sizes in our bottle inventory. Our plastic bottle with a cap is designed to protect and tightly sealed your products. Every plastic bottle size can be matched with a synchronized closure or cap. These caps include:

  • Convenient Pump Caps
  • Sprayers
  • Tamper-Evident Closures
  • Plastic Child-Resistant Cap
  • Plastic Dispensing Lids
Unique Closure Type
Advantages of Plastic Bottle with Caps

Advantages of Plastic Bottle with Caps

GracePack offers plastic bottles with caps in materials that include PET and HDPE. Listed below are the following advantages:

  • Plastic bottle with caps is shatter-proof which help minimize inventory breakage and are great for transporting due to their durability.
  • It can provide excellent resistance to chemicals and moisture.
  • Cost-effective and lightweight
  • The plastic bottle with a cap is recyclable which adds attraction for your customers.
  • Saves you time and money when purchasing bulk orders at wholesale prices.

Choosing the Best Plastic Bottles with Caps

With numerous ranges of colors, sizes, and cap options, Gracepack makes selecting plastic bottles easy. Our plastic bottles with caps are suitable for freezing, refrigerator, or shelf storage. They are also great for accommodating liquids, offering quick access to the contents.

  • Ratchet Style Lids for Liquid: This style makes it easy for users to view the contents.
  • Continues Thread Lid: Great for any applications with bottles in the pharmaceutical, food, and beauty industries.
  • Child-Resistant and Leakproof Screw Caps: It helps keep content intact.
Choosing the Best Plastic Bottles with Caps

GracePack – Your Leading Plastic Bottle with Lid Supplier

GracePack – Your Leading Plastic Bottle with Lid Supplier
Your Leading Plastic Bottle with Lid Supplier

GracePack is over 20 years of specializing in plastic bottles with caps, manufactured from high-quality, BPA-free, and food-grade PET plastic. These materials make them lightweight yet durable and can resist impact without getting cracks, dents, or breaking.

Our company has a complete set of automatic blowing machines which uses manipulator. We also have a professional design team to meet your customization demands. Plus, we offer 6 pieces of samples for compatibility testing.

Wide Range of Sizes Option
Wide Range of Sizes Option

GracePack plastic bottles with caps are widely used for different purposes. It comes in any size according to your needs.

  • Small Plastic Bottle with Cap: 8 Oz
  • Large Plastic Bottle with Cap: 12 Oz and 16 Oz

Additionally, our plastic bottle has convenient packs from 6-216 packs. We have a total of 10 different packs to exceed any quantity you need. GracePack plastic bottles with caps will be a great container to store all kinds of drinks.

Excellent Bottle Styles
Excellent Bottle Styles

GracePAck offers various designs of a plastic bottles with caps, such as:

  • Boston Rounds
  • Modern Rounds
  • Cosmo Rounds
  • Cylinder Rounds
  • Packers
  • Oblong Packers
  • Beverage & Juice
  • Growlers
  • And many more

Plastic Bottles with Cap for Various Industries

Chemical Industry
Chemical Industry

Manufacturers of industrial and chemical products need durable, heavy-duty containers to ensure product safety. At GracePack, we have various container options for industrial and chemical products to handle your marketing and manufacturing needs, including appropriate bottles for hazardous materials. Plastic bottles are great for detergents, cleaners, liquid chemicals, and oil.

Skincare Industry

If you are a skincare and cosmetic product manufacturer that needs attractive containers to sell them, you are in a right place. GracePack has an incredible variety of plastic bottles with caps that are great for storing cosmetic and skincare items. We offer them in numerous bottle sizes and neck sizes to make it easy for your fabricating techniques.

Spa and Salon Industry
Spa and Salon Industry

The spa and salon industry has exciting products available for homemade demands. If you are producing your own production line of soaps, conditioners, salon-style shampoos, and lotions, GracePack has a bottle solution you need for your manufacturing needs. We offer popular bottle styles and shapes for your container needs, such as square, bullet, and cylinder.

plastic bottle with cap supplier
Custom Plastic Bottle with Cap to Skyrocket Your Business

GracePack is a well-known plastic bottle manufacturer in China with a full quality inspection before shipping. Our company is BSCI-approved and all of our plastic bottles have passed LFGB, FDA, and HACCP.

  • “Excellent service by GracePack team and great quality plastic bottle. Will definitely recommend it!”

  • “Their customer service is very good. Every time I message them for updates, their team always responds to us on time. The plastic bottle with the cap itself has excellent quality for its price. Will definitely recommend Gracepack to others.”

  • “Our company was thankful to find out Gracepack team because they met our expectations with superb servicing. I will recommend them for your customized plastic bottles.”

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