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Gracepack Plastic candy jars

Gracepack plastic candy jars come in different styles and capacities, as well as double layer anti-theft covers, single layer covers, and different gaskets to choose from. Candy jars can not only store honey, candy, strawberry sauce, chocolate sauce,tomato sauce, etc., but also store different types of sweetness. Maintain a liking for sweetness and a good mood.

Gracepack plastic aluminumcovered jars are equipped with sealing devices, suitable for storing all types of small food. It can keep the product sealed and fresh for a longer time.

The cute little bear PET jars can hold various candies, suitable for outings and picnics. Gracepack have different capacities and are loved by children from all over the world.

A super large capacity jam jar that can store various fresh jams, such as strawberry jam, mango sauce, etc. There are two options for lids, one is a double layer anti-theft lid and the other is a single layer removable lid.

Honey bottle with different lids

There are multiple options for different capacities, materials, and shapes. Gracepack’s honey has good quality, good sealing properties, and can be stored for a long time.

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