Plastic Cosmetic Bottles Supplier in China

GracePack supplies all kinds of high-end plastic cosmetic bottles for your business. These are meticulously design from quality LDPE, PET, PP, and more plastic materials. Available in full customization to meet your needs.

  • Flexible, squeezable and durable
  • Cost-effective bottle packaging solution
  • Better impact strength
  • CE, ISO, FDA, RoHS certified, etc.

Custom Gracepack Plastic Cosmetic Bottles

GracePack plastic cosmetic bottles are designed to store cosmetic and personal care products. Plastic materials are a good choice for packaging cosmetic supplies due to their convenience and hygienic qualities. These are cost-effective to manufacture, lightweight, unbreakable and durable. Plastic cosmetic bottles also offer odorless and has a pleasant appearance. It comes in various volumes, sizes, shapes, and capacities depending on your requirements.

GracePack is a plastic cosmetic bottle expert supplier and manufacturer you can trust. Our plastic bottles are widely used due to their excellent features and advantages. We also offer high-standard custom printing and labeling to improve the appearance of your bottles. You can obtain our bottles with caps, closures, and accessories. Decide the design of your cosmetic bottles with GracePack!

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120ML PETG Plastic Cosmetic Bottle
120ML PETG Plastic Cosmetic Bottle

120ML PETG Plastic Cosmetic Bottle is eco-friendly skincare bottles that are well tested on several parameters by our quality team.

200ML PET Plastic Cosmetic Bottles
200ML PET Plastic Cosmetic Bottles

200ML PET plastic cosmetic bottles are good for storing oil essentials, lotions, and cosmetic products. It is transparent with a round shaped bottle.

Acrylic Plastic Cosmetic Bottle
Acrylic Plastic Cosmetic Bottle

Acrylic Plastic Cosmetic Bottle is available in 10ml-120ml depending on your request. Good for skin care, hair care products, etc.

Custom PP Cosmetic Bottles
Custom PP Cosmetic Bottles

Custom PP Cosmetic Bottles at a very cost-effective rate. It is a plastic airless pump ideal for face cream, lotion, eye cream, skin care serum, etc.

Frosted PET Cosmo Round Bottles
Frosted PET Cosmo Round Bottles

Frosted PET cosmo round bottles are ideal for packaging bath and body products. Made with polypropylene disc top caps.

LDPE Plastic Cosmetic Bottle
LDPE Plastic Cosmetic Bottle

LDPE plastic cosmetic bottle is great for packaging face cream object design. liquid gel, shaver foam, etc. Customize to your needs.

Why Choose Gracepack Plastic Cosmetic Bottles

Unique Packaging
Unique Packaging

GracePack can help you achieve unique cosmetic packaging to improve your brand and awareness. Custom the bottle of your choice here.

High Quality
High Quality

We prioritize quality in producing cosmetic bottles for you. Our company follow strict quality control from material selection until delivery.


We use hygienic resin materials for cosmetic packaging production. These are single-use, clean, and hygienic packaging options.

Pure FDA-approved

Our plastic cosmetic bottles have passed FDA requirements and are safe for cosmetic packaging. It is a BPA-free, non-toxic cost-effective bottle.

High-Quality Plastic Cosmetic Bottle Material

Gracepack works with different plastic materials in producing high-end cosmetic bottles. Some are the following:

  • LDPE – Low-density polyethylene or LDPE is good for making cosmetic bottles due to its translucent, low water absorption, weatherproof, and very tough properties. It works well with various manufacturing techniques.
  • PETG – Polyethylene terephthalate glycol delivers excellent chemical resistance, versatility, and formability for cosmetic bottle production. It also offers high-impact resistance, toughness, and good clarity.
  • PET – Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) material exhibits moisture and oil barrier between the plastic and the product inside. Very clear plastic, manufactured in virtually any color and shape.
  • PP – Polypropylene Plastic is a BPA-free material ideal for cosmetic bottles and containers. It is 100% recyclable, has good chemical resistance, and has good heat resistance.
Plastic Cosmetic Bottles
Plastic Cosmetic Bottles

Attractive and Sophisticated Custom Printing Finishes

To ensure that your brand stands out from the competition and reaches consumers’ hands, we offer quality printing and finishes. All of our bottle packaging solutions are ideal for labels, embossing, stickers, custom printing, etc.

  • Pad Printing
  • Shrink Sleeve
  • Labeling
  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Thermal Transfer Printing

Mass Production

With automated manufacturing line and moulding system, Gracepack can support large volume of cosmetic bottle orders. We have a skilled packaging specialist on staff who is available seven days a week to respond to all of your inquiries regarding the product.

You can send your artwork and design or if you don’t have ideas, we will recommend the best drawings to help you finish them. Once your order has been completed, we will arrange the shipment. We guarantee delivery on time.

Plastic Cosmetic Bottles

GracePack Plastic Cosmetic Bottles for Your Business Packaging

Plastic Cosmetic Bottles
Plastic Cosmetic Bottles

GracePack specializes in designing, producing, and distributing bottle packaging products to companies in cosmetics, hair care, essential oils, organic, skincare, and more. With our extensive selection of versatile and luxury cosmetic bottles, you can find the best ones for your business. It comes in different materials such as PET, LDPE, PP, polypropylene, and more. These are perfect to showcase your cosmetic brand and stand out from the other brand. Gracepack also supports OEM/ODM services to fully meet your specific requirements.

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Plastic Cosmetic Bottles

With a comprehensive custom moulding service and an experienced design department, Gracepack can custom your specific bottle requirements. We manufacture custom plastic cosmetic bottles using bottle blowing, injection moulding, etc. You can decide the following:

  • Shape and style
  • Sizes and capacity
  • Closures and caps
  • Material selection
  • Unique application
  • Neck diameter and finish
  • Custom packaging and printing
Plastic Cosmetic Bottles

Each Gracepack plastic cosmetic bottle material offers different advantages. But generally, it exhibits:

  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • High-impact strength
  • Contain no harmful chemicals
  • Attractive and precisely made
  • Durable and high quality
  • Less likely to develop scratches
  • Moisture and oil barrier, etc.

Custom Plastic Cosmetic Bottle with Gracepack

Certified Company
Certified Company

Gracepack has complied with various international and rigorous standards that guarantee our credibility and quality products.

  • ISO9001
  • ISO22000
  • RoHS, CE, and more.
Expert Design Team
Professional Team of Experts

Our professional team is specialized in delivering the best version of products for your projects. You can rely on our:

  • Strategic packaging consultation
  • Professional design & engineering
  • Strict quality control team
  • Packaging testing and validation test
Fast Delivery
Low MOQ and Fast Delivery

We offer low minimum orders quantity and fast delivery whether you are a:

  • cosmetic bottle supplier
  • start-up business
  • custom cosmetic company brand, etc.
Plastic Cosmetic Bottles Sample
Samples & Prototyping

With solutions designed to assist you in visualizing and perfecting your cosmetic bottles, you can ensure improved and high-impact outcomes packaging at Gracepack.

For all of your needs, we provide a range of samples and prototyping options that satisfy your requirements. We can also help you reduce material costs and product damage.

Plastic Cosmetic Bottles Manufacturer
Leading Plastic Cosmetic Bottles Manufacturer

Gracepack is your one-stop shop solution for all types of plastic cosmetic bottles in China. We offer complete customization, custom packaging, material, and accessories. Through advanced moulding system and department, we have 200,000 daily production capacity. Message us today!

  • “We are cooperating for more than 5 years with Gracepack, so far. All bottles we received are durable, beautiful, and classic. They have a superb team and system. They provide us with some ideas on how to enhance our business. ”

  • “Gracepack offers dependable services, customization, and delivery. All cosmetic bottles we order meet our satisfaction and definitely boom our cosmetic business. Thank you, Gracepack. Highly recommended company.”

  • “Thank you, Gracepack for a quality plastic cosmetic bottle packaging solution. All bottles we purchased are in excellent condition, with great prints and decorations. Looking forward to more transactions with you. ”

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