Grace Plastic Cosmetic Jars in Packaging market

  • Wide range of applications
  • Bright and diverse colors
  • Has a good gasket seal
  • Good service and quality
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Plastic Cosmetic Jars

Plastic Cosmetic Jars have various applications in the beauty industry .Good sealing allows the cream to maintain its own effect.

Simple white Plastic Cosmetic Jars with a minimalist style, it is a portable artifact for beauty and makeup. It is convenient for people to divide large cans into small cans.

Frosted Plastic Cosmetic Jars is unpainted and is high quality frosted plastic jar. The jar comes with a refill lid so product doesn’t sit on the lid.And The material is thick, wear-resistant and durable, and the threaded bottle mouth is leak-proof and sealed.

Nail polish Plastic Cosmetic Jars made of new material PP injection molding. PP material is not easy to break and is an environmentally friendly material, just like household food jars. It is suitable for armor glue, cream, and solid cream products.

Unique shape Plastic Cosmetic Jars

Unique shape Plastic Cosmetic Jars with spoon and Lid Plastic Luxury Skin Care have 150ml 200ml 300ml 500ml size . The unique shape attracts customers to buy more.

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