Plastic drinking bottle in life

  • Exquisite design
  • food materials,food grade
  • Applied to various fields of life
  • have a huge production capacity

Gracepack Plastic drinking bottle

Gracepack Plastic drinking bottle have Exquisite design ,such as Various shapes such as square, circular, animal, etc. We have various food certificates, and our products are sold overseas and are widely praised.

Hot sale square drinking bottle are now the most popular product in the juice bottle market.The size from 60ml to 1.5L ,meet your various needs .Coupled with the design of a anti-theft cover and food-grade testing, it can further ensure the safety and health of food.

Round plastic drinking bottle is also a very popular bottle. Highly transparent PET material, flat bottom, smooth sides. And you can choose different covers, such as aluminum cover, single-layer cover, anti-theft cover.

U-shaped fat plastic drinking bottle is the favorite of catering industry and milk tea industry.The delicious taste of milk tea and fruit tea is expressed through transparent materials.

Cute animal plastic drinking bottle

Cute animal plastic drinking bottle are popular among consumers due to their beautiful appearance. Have a cup of sweet milk tea to relieve your fatigue.

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