Plastic freezer jars manufacturer in China

Keep your food fresh and say goodbye to flimsy plastic containers, the jar is compact and has a stackable design for easy storage in any freezer. I These jars will never break like glass or plastic. The sturdy construction ensures safe storage and the leak-proof lids allow you to not worry about spills.

    • Suitable for cold rooms
    • Non-toxic, BPA free
    • Stable properties
    • Store in a ventilated and dry place when not in use
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Gracepack Plastic freezer jars

Gracepack’s plastic jars are very light weight and easy to carry, not that expensive, stackable, unbreakable and kid friendly. Store food in the fridge or freezer. Choose plastic containers that seal well and are safe to use in the fridge and freezer. A tight seal prevents leaks and food spoilage. Even when frozen for long periods of time, plastic containers won’t break at lower temperatures or leach chemicals into the food. Save storage space. Plastic containers are easy to stack.

Four hundred millilitres capacity for fruits, gravies, etc.

Large capacity canisters for storage in the freezer

Silicone bottle mouth design, stronger sealing performance, can be used for many times

32oz Refrigerable Salad Bowl

Transparent design, easy to observe the condition of the bowl, food-grade material

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