Gracepack Plastic grip jars in good quality


  • unique shape
  • portable handle
  • Large capacity to meet your various needs
  • multiple uses


Gracepack Plastic grip jars

Gracepack Plastic grip jars has a unique shape and multiple uses.The portable handle makes the product more convenient to use.We have a large team of designers and factory engineers to provide you with unique products and services.

Multifunctional storage jarIt can store a variety of unused products to make the room cleaner and tidier. The design is simple and elegant, and can store water and be stored.

Square cat litter grip jar Load-bearing and pressure-resistant thickened plastic square jars effectively improve space utilization and transportation efficiency.

Fruit fishing square PET jar with many sizes, with portable carrying cover .You can choose your favorite fruits and mix them with yogurt, so you can enjoy delicious food during spring outings, camping or hiking.

Internet celebrity earth toy jar

Internet celebrity earth toy jar has a unique shape and design ,attract children’s love for toys. Safe materials can ensure your child’s health.

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