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We are a trusted manufacturer for plastic grip jars who can offer customized packaging based on your needs. We can have a new mold to change the shape, size, capacity and colors, and we can offer label printing and designs. The Plastic Grip Jars are reliable, durable and has a sleek design. We offer packaging solutions with the convenience of our specialist creative group. We have a low MOQ with a highly discounted wholesale price.

  • Food grade materials
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • High Quality
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Gracepack Plastic Grip Jars

Plastic Grip Jars are containers that normally comes in the shape of square with grip on the sides. It comes in different sizes, shapes, colors, can be customized with your specifications. It very affordable than any other material for products, as it’s lightweight and very easy to mold. It can hold as many products and any types and mostly used for solid and semi-liquids items or products. It is beneficial plastic grip jar for companies, consumers, and environment because It’s sustainable and ECO- friendly plastics.

We manufacture plastic grip jars which has innovative and creative ways to have a unique design for your packaging. It is more suitable for bulk packaging because of its grip design on both sides. We can also apply the label printing in many different ways to complete the packaging for your product.

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It has a shallow grip on the sides for easy access and carrying  Ideal storage for bulk products such as nuts, condiments and sometimes beauty care products.

This has a ribbed design on the shallow sides for better grip and carrier for bulk products. Most commonly seen for protein supplement products.

The deep pinch is making the jar easier to grip and it is ideal for heavy products since the handle can carry as much weight as it can.

Embossed circles Plastic Grip Jars

It has embossed circles at the sides for an easy grip in a different way. The screw caps protect the product inside suitable for cookie, candy, nuts and kernels.

Bended Large Plastic Grip Jars

The jar  is bent and has a large opening for a big capacity and for easy to open and reach the items. It has a transparent appearance that can easily see the inside.

Frosted White Plastic Grip Jars

It is a round frosted white plastic grip jar with the embossed grip handle for the jar to make it easy to carry along. It has a secured screw cap to protect the inside from moisture .

Why choose our Plastic Grip Jars

Strong plasticity

It has strong plastic material that is durable and last longer than other plastic jars. The grip design on the sides of the plastic jars is excellent for carrying your products.


The plastic materials are reusable and recyclable that once emptied then can be used for other things for storage and organization.


The design of the plastic grip jars is very convenient for you and your customers for stackable jars and easy to carry.


The screw cap or lid will ensure that the items inside are secure and safe due to its high sealing quality and liners that protect it.

Different Materials for Plastic Grip Jars

We make sure to use quality plastic materials such as:

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET
  • HDPE or High-Density Polyethylene
  • Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Polypropylene or PP

We customized new mold design based on your specification.

Applications of Plastic Grip Jars

The plastic jars are versatile and can be used in many ways such as:

  • Protein supplement
  • Candy
  • Cookie
  • Nuts
  • Kernels
  • Snack
  • Lollipop
  • Chewing Gum
  • Seasoning
  • Mayonnaise and more

Plastic Grip Jars Features

We maintain the quality of our plastic rip jars features mainly:

  • Easy grip
  • Various sealing methods
  • Customized shape
  • Durable
  • Chemical resistant
  • Leak-Proof
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made of clear plastic
  • Great for a variety of uses

Gracepack:Plastic Grip Jars Manufacturing Customized Packaging

Gracepack Tooling Shop

We have a working team in different stage of the process for your plastic grip jars as it is very vital for us to make sure all levels are satisfied and on its highest quality. We use plastic materials that are economical and BPA free for a healthier packaging of your products. As the best supplier worldwide, we make sure that our automated machines are producing the right number of productions in a day to sustain the daily needs. While our creative team is working on new designs for new clients, we have a stock for the common design needed by reorders of our existing clients. Overall, we comply with the demand our company has and make sure it is on schedule and will receive right on time.

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Plastic Grip Jars Customized
  • Sizes
  • Shapes
  • Sealing ways
  • Colors
  • Materials
  • Boxes
  • Labels
  • Logo
  • Packaging designs
  • Label printing

We have designers who can make drawings you want for your plastic grip jars and can print in different methods such as:

  • Pad printing
  • Hot stamping
  • Shrink film
  • Silk screen printing
  • Heat transfer

We have lots of printing options for you to select according to your budget.

Plastic Grip Jars Uses Options

Seasoning Plastic Grip Jars

It is very useful for kitchen seasoning as it is transparent and can see the inside .

  • Clear plastic feature
  • Can be used for pepper, garlic powder
  • Attractive appearance
Food Plastic Grip Jars

Our plastic grip jars are very suitable for food storage as it is very safe and nontoxic.

  • Durable
  • Refillable
  • Food grade
Crafts Plastic Grip Jars

It can also be a storage jar for arts and craft as it is in large capacity and neatly stackable.

  • Resistant to harsh chemicals
  • Transparent
  • Refillable
Reliable Plastic Grip Jars Supplier

We supply plastic grip jars worldwide and can customize the packaging on their own designs and capacity. We use plastic materials that are food grade to make sure each jar we produce is safe and nontoxic. The screw lid protects the inside with the liners for a leak proof jar. We also do label printing for a presentable way.

  • “It was a great storage for my kitchen supplies and very stackable, refillable, reusable, I can’t think of anything else. The product is superb!”

  • “I have found a new packaging style with this plastic grip jar because it is all that I want for my product. Thank you!”

  • “I like it when it’s empty, I can find other items to put into it. It’s reusable and strong that is very unbreakable so all I do is to reuse it in any other thing.”

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