plastic jars with lids

We are a factory specializing in plastic packaging, especially all kinds of cans, customers can choose us, we can surely satisfy!

  • Useful Design
  • Food Grade Design
  • Perfect Design
  • Customized and Individual Design


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Plastic Containers

Before you buy our products, we will provide free samples for testing, our certificates are complete, we can export to all over the world, no matter it is food or beauty plastic jars, we have qualifications, welcome to ask for product details at any time.

About customization, we also have a professional design team to support you, we can design, open the mold as well as provide 3D samples to you for confirmation, usually 10 days to complete a new mold, in short, we are able to meet all your requirements!

The Ordinary lids the most common lid, many jars are choosing this packaging, easy to open, very practical, can also be customized with a variety of colors.

Now the design of wood grain lids is more and more popular in the market, we can make real wood cap and the plastic cap but water transfer cove, which can contain the cost-effective and appearance good design.

The  Temple-evident cap is for the product can be very safe to the hands of consumers, the factory filling products directly sealed lid, customers look at the lid to know whether the product is intact or perfect.

Handle Lids

This lid is common in large capacity jar factories and nut jars and is very easy for customers to reach, one hand can lift the jar without it falling off, and of course, the lid itself is very strong.

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