Plastic Oil Bottle Supplier in China

Gracepack provides top-quality plastic oil bottles for different oil products and applications. We can create plastic oil containers along with your logo to showcase your business.

  • Moisture proof packing
  • Attractive shapes and capacities
  • Custom caps and closure options
  • Competitive price

Gracepack Plastic Oil Bottle

The plastic oil bottle is manufactured using lightweight and stress-cracking-free materials. It is available in various sizes, shapes, and designs. This type of bottle is resistant to moisture and impact. You can change the cap style on each plastic oil bottle to fit your market demands.

Gracepack provides plastic oil bottles that are 100% BPA-free and safe to use. As a certified manufacturer, we can guarantee that our plastic oil bottles are durable and long-lasting. We have a professional team that ensures the quality of our ODM services. Contact us now.

Plastic Oil Bottle with Needle Tip

The plastic oil bottle with a needle tip is made for dispensing and storing a large variety of oils. Available in different sizes.

Round Plastic Oil Bottle

Our round plastic oil bottles are refillable and reusable. This type of bottle is suitable for storing diluted essential oils, oil treatments, and more.

Plastic Oil Roller Bottle

The plastic oil roller bottle features high hardness and a smooth and fine surface. It has a removable roller for convenient and easy refilling.

Plastic Oil Pump Bottle
Plastic Oil Pump Bottle

Gracepack plastic oil pump bottle is made from a perfect mix of strength and transparent materials. You can make sure that it gives excellent value.

Plastic Oil Spray Bottle
Plastic Oil Spray Bottle

Our plastic oil pump bottle effectively controls the flow of the oil. It produces a pure, uniform oil mist. This bottle is available in different sizes and styles.

Plastic Oil Bottle with Nozzle
Plastic Oil Bottle with Nozzle

The plastic oil bottle includes a distinctive nozzle that makes it easy to serve. It’s fashionable, simple to use, useful, dust-proof, clean, and leak-free.

Gracepack Plastic Oil Bottle Advantage

Food Safe Materials
Food Safe Materials

Gracepack only uses food-grade and safe-to-use plastic in manufacturing products. Our plastic oil bottles are useful for storing food-related oil products.


The material we use for plastic oil bottles has high strength and flexibility. It allows the bottle to have eco-friendly features and is worth your investment.


Gracepack plastic oil containers are environmentally-friendly, tough, and easy to produce. It’s lightweight, less expensive, and uses less energy to transport.

Break Resistant
Break Resistant

Our plastic oil bottle has outstanding quality and is resistant to any damage. It lasts for a longer period and does not break easily.

Gracepack Plastic Oil Bottle Distinctive Features

  • High tensile strength
  • Durable and spill-proof
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • High gloss and flawless finish
  • Attractive and appealing
  • Non-reactive with chemicals
  • Crack-resistant with drop test approved
Plastic Oil Bottle Distinctive Features
Plastic Oil Jar Capacities and Other Options

Plastic Oil Jar Capacities and Other Options

As the largest plastic oil bottle China manufacturer, we offer extensive container sizes. It includes a 25ml plastic oil bottle, 30ml PET oil bottle, 50ml plastic oil bottle, and 100ml plastic oil container. We also offer plastic oil jars in bigger capacities, such as 200ml plastic edible oil bottles, and 250ml PET cooking oil bottles. Others: 300ml, 500ml, 750ml, up to 1-liter plastic oil bottle.

In addition, we carry plastic oil bottles in different designs, shapes, and closure options. Clear, natural, white, and amber, are among the color selection. Gracepack can customize all bottle specifications based on your specific demand.

Personalize Bottles with Your Labels

Gracepack can create a unique oil bottle label. Whether you’re a small business or an individual, we can add a label on your plastic oil containers. Once your design is complete, you can send it to us. Or if you’re having a hard time, you can leave it on Gracepack. We have an expert design team to make your idea.

We have the ideal tools to design and print your gorgeous labels for oil containers.

  • Screen-printing
  • Short-run Digital Printing, etc.
Personalize Bottles with Your Labels

Gracepack: Your Plastic Oil Bottle Manufacturer in China

Oil Plastic Bottle Factory
Oil Plastic Bottle Factory

Gracepack manufactures a wide assortment of plastic oil bottles, including lubricant oil bottles, plastic hair oil bottles, and gear oil bottles. These containers are highly admired for durable performance. You can find multiple categories to choose from for your bottle. And we have comprehensive closure options as well.

We can help you design your plastic oil jar. Our professional design team will turn your idea into a prototype. By incorporating a fully automatic line, we can speed up the production of your containers. Send us your project quantity and let Gracepack handle the rest.

Plastic Oil Bottles Wholesale
Plastic Oil Bottles Wholesale at Gracepack

Gracepack is a wholesale supplier of PET oil bottles and jars. Take advantage of the following when you choose us for your business needs.

  • Wholesale PET oil bottle rates
  • Fast production turn-around
  • Boost your branding and sales
  • Low minimum order quantity
  • Free warehousing support
  • Worry-free after-sale services
Custom PET Oil Container Production Service

We provide a broad range of services under one roof. We’ve listed the step-by-step procedure for customizing your bottles.

  • Research and design
  • Molding of Containers
  • Mass production
  • Packaging customization
  • Transportation to door
  • Full-process service

Why Choose Gracepack for Plastic Oil Bottle

20 Years of Packaging Solution and Counting
20 Years of Packaging Solution and Counting

Since 1999, we are engaged in innovative packaging solutions. One of our main products includes plastic oil bottles.

  • Own multiple sales channels
  • OEM/ODM design capabilities
  • Cooperate with some renowned individuals
Limitless Closure Choice
Limitless Closure Choice

Our plastic bottles come with a variety of closure options for product use. It’s just one easy step.

  • Dispensing caps, flip top caps;
  • Fine mist sprayers, shaker caps;
  • Optional screw caps with or without liners.
Free Sample Bottles
Free Sample Bottles

Choosing a new bottle for your current product line or beginning a new project? You can order samples from Gracepack to evaluate your product’s compatibility with the new bottle.

  • Free pet oil bottle sample for testing
  • Custom design requirements confirmation
Fast and Reliable Shipping
Fast and Reliable Shipping

Take advantage of Gracepack freight shipping services. We offer express delivery and air freight services.

  • Plastic oil bottle product discounts in bulk
  • After-sale services like warehousing and shipment
Custom Plastic Oil Jar Supplier
GRACEPACK: Leader in Plastic Oil Bottle Packaging in China

Gracepack own state-of-the-art factory that implements food-grade packaging production. We offer multiple categories of plastic oil bottles. You can choose the perfect packaging solution for your product. Email us now.

  • “Gracepack offers quality and flexibility at once. The oil bottles are an attractive and appealing packaging solution for our products. And their heir method of stock management gives them the flexibility to respond quickly to consumer needs. We had an amazing time with Gracepack.”

  • “As new in the business, I’m always seeking value, and these guys never let me down. We receive quick samples of plastic oil bottles as well as the price of postage and packaging; I suggest Gracepack for its amazing service and timely delivery.

  • “I ordered some bottles for my small business and was extremely pleased with the sales team’s assistance and the warehouse’s speed in delivering my order so soon. Excellent customer service and prompt delivery.”

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