Plastic Pepper Bottle Manufacturer

We are an established manufacturer of plastic pepper bottles trading all over the world.

We could provide customized plastic bottles and caps that you require.

The quality is guaranteed by virtue of our professionals who maintain the standard of durable products

Plus, all our plastics pepper bottles follow such strict criteria as:

  • Food grade materials
  • Unique Creative Design
  • Durable Plastics
  • SGS Certification

Plastic Pepper Bottle

Plastic Pepper Bottles can store your spices such as salt, pepper, garlic powder, etc.

You can see spice easily through the transparent appearance

There are variety of sizes, shapes and designs for you to choose

All of them are made by non-toxic material,  which is good for storage and using.

Our pepper powder bottle is priority with quality.

There are professional design departments to customize your pepper bottle

We can maintain good cooperation with customers and succeed together.

So send us inquiries no hesitate.

Single flip cap plastic pepper bottle

We have Plastic PEPPER BOTTLES with Single Flip CAP that Made from PP Plastics.

Pour into the dishes in multiple holes, you can easily control the amount of seasoning

Screw cap plastic pepper bottle

The screw cap plastic pepper bottle has a strong sealed that fits the body and can be refilled easily. It is safe and can be stored as you wish.

Double Flip Cap Plastic Pepper bottle

A plastic pepper bottle that has two flips on top. One large hole and second for the sifter cap so you can control the amount of spice. It comes in different sizes in capacity.

Plastic Pepper Bottle Grinder

This plastic pepper bottle comes with a grinder inside that can grind the spices freshly especially peppers. It is suitable for people who wants their spices freshly grind on their dishes.

Square Double Flip Cap Plastic Pepper Bottle

It also has double flips, one for a large hole and one for a sifter for a controlled amount. It is square in shape for a unique way of presenting your products.

Round Plastic Pepper Bottle

This is a round narrow easy-to-grip plastic pepper bottle with a sifter controlling the amount of extrusion. It is very common to see in most of the spices in the market.

Our Advantage with Plastic Pepper Bottles

Strong plasticity

The plastic pepper bottles are made from PET and PP material which are durable and strong.

Safe and non-toxic

The materials are non -toxic and food grades, so spices and liquids can be used safely.


All of our plastics are recyclable, and there is a recyclable logo at the bottom of the bottle


Because of its screw cap, it is ensured that the internal spices will not be wasted. You can choose the type of plastic pepper bottle we have, and can match with high -quality seals on the cap.

Choices of Materials

We offer different kinds of plastic materials such as:

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate(PET)
  • High-Density Polyethylene(HDPE)
  • Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Polypropylene(PP)

All of our plastic materials come from primitive and fresh granular plastic, and then shape them into the required shapes and sizes.

Applications of Plastic Pepper Bottle

Most commonly used for spices but can also be use in different products:

  • Chili Powder
  • CoffeePowder
  • Sugar

Features of Our Plastic Pepper Bottle

We produce high quality plastic pepper bottles:

  • Various sealing methods
  • Customized shape
  • Unique distribution function
  • Chemical resistant
  • Leak-Proof
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made of clear plastic
  • Great for a variety of uses

Gracepack - Choose our Affordable Plastic Pepper Bottle

The number we distributes is very large. We ensure that the items are in strict packaging and are equipped with complete boxes to provide high -quality standard plastic pepper bottle and go directly to your door steps. All of our products are 100 % new materials, and their pass rate are good, which can ensure the durability of each product.

The Quality of Plastic Pepper Bottle
  • Crystal Clear
  • Nontoxic
  • Easy to clean
  • Thickwall
  • Durable
  • BPA free
Plastic Pepper Bottle Printing and Packaging Option

Our printing process :

  • Silk Screen printing
  • Sticker Labeling
  • Shrink film

Depending on the size and capacity of the bottle we can customize your label or logo.

Designs of Plastic Pepper Bottle - Gracepack

Round Plastic Pepper Bottle

This design is very classic and aesthetically perfect for kitchen.

  • Clear Crystal plastic
  • Can be used for storing multiple spices on one corner
  • Attractive clean appearance
Square Plastic Pepper Bottle

Different from the classic shape, but it is still beautiful.

  • Durable and comfortable feature
  • Can control the dosage with its sifter cap
  • Often for pepper, salt and MSG
Color Coding Plastic Pepper Bottle Caps

The curve design and color coding of the caps are very unique that can easily be seen when getting spices for dishes.

  • Contain the spices
  • Best for color coded organizers
  • Screw cap
Elongated Plastic Pepper Bottle

This design is also suitable for hot sauce because of its elongated design and stopper can be a sifter for powders and one hole for liquid sauces.

  • Screw cap sealed
  • Plastic Stopper
  • Small and portable
Divider Plastic Pepper Bottle

It is a unique design that is suitable for those who only want to store a variety of spices.

  • Four Flip tops with sifters
  • Sealed divider to avoid mixing to other spices
The Plastic Pepper Bottle Manufacturer you can Trust – Gracepack

We are a professional and certified plastic pepper bottle manufacturer that provides variey of choices and designs. We have printing processes to include on the packaging of your requested customization of plastic bottles.

  • “There are many types of products and unique design, making it difficult for me to make decisions. I hope to continue the design business with them so that my brand can stand out.”

  • “I have tested their products, and their plastic bottles are resistant to water. This is a good design.”

  • “Their after -sales service is very good. They continue to update me, and I will continue to carry out business with them. cheers!”

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