Plastic Perfume Bottle Manufacture

Plastic Perfume Bottle have  different colors and sizes.

Since it is made from plastic materials, it’s all easy to carry and can be use multiple times for all sorts of liquid products.

  • Durable
  • Leak proof
  • Reusable
  • Portable

Plastic Perfume Bottle

Plastic Perfume Bottle are in small sizes, different shapes and colors. Because of its small size, it can be slipped into pockets or handbags. It has a stable spray pattern and easy to press.

We produce excellent top quality plastic perfume bottles for your needs. We offer variety of sizes and shapes to strengthen your brand. It can be used for anything that is water soluble products. Call us today!

Pen type plastic perfume bottle

This is elongated perfume plastic bottles that we call pen type that stretches depending on the capacity you’d like. It is very hand-held bottle for easy to bring on travels. A lot of colors to choose from and it includes the cover.

Big round plastic perfume bottle

It has wide spiral mouth to easily refill liquids and with slanting finger space to pump evenly. The capacity is larger lasting longer.

Regular plastic perfume bottle

It is wider than the pen type and also has different sizes depends on capacity you require. Sizes varies from 10ml. to 500ml. and can be frosted, transparent or with color.

Trigger plastic perfume bottle

This trigger spray top plastic perfume bottle is easy and convenient to use. Trigger can be switched to stream mode, spray mode and close mode.

Card type plastic perfume bottle

Distinguishable shape preferable for perfumes,hand sanitizer, mouth freshener. Very portable and easy to slid in your bags and pockets.

Roller plastic perfume bottle

This minimizes the amount of liquid. As you roll, the liquid goes to the rolling ball. It is very useful for strong fragrance, essential oils as it only need small amount to smell it.

Why Choose Us?


Unlike the glass perfume bottles that when you drop it can break and shattered. But with our plastic perfume bottles it long lasting and can be recycled and use on other liquids. It is washable and compact.

Leak proof

Our plastic perfume bottles are screw type with rubber stopper around making sure that the liquids in it will not leak.


All of our plastic perfume bottles are reusable and can easily switch to another liquid to another. Washable and easy to dry so you can fill another liquid into it.


We offer an easy way to have your perfumes on the go with its small and convenient plastic bottles. It can be slid on your pocket or bags so you can get along with your own perfumes, alcohol, or sanitizer and oil while you travel.

Plastic Perfume Bottles Materials

We provide different materials for your plastic perfume bottles such as:

  • Polypropylene or PP
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET
  • Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • HDPE or High-Density Polyethylene

Sizes of Plastic Perfume Bottles for your needs

We offer different sizes and colors for your plastic perfume bottles that ranges from 10ml., 20ml., 30ml.,50ml.,100ml.,120ml.,150ml and evern larger. The colors can be frosted, clear or we can customize the colors based on your requirements.

Structure of Plastic Perfume Bottles

We have unique designs of plastic perfume bottles that can elevate your business. The structure, color and designs will be based on your specifications and suggestions from our creative team. The long tube reaches to the base of the bottle and has ultra-fine smooth mist that spreads large range.

Gracepack - Plastic Perfume Bottles for Your Business

We package our plastic perfume bottles and deliver it via sea cargo or air cargo. Production process is fast and can supply thousands per day to satisfy the needs of your business. We guarantee the quality perfume bottles we produce as it undergoes quality check and control by our professional production check clerks. Plastic Perfume Bottles can be package separately depending on size, capacity and design. Inquire with us Today!

Usage of our plastic perfume bottles
  • Toners
  • Alcohol
  • Liquid Cosmetics
  • Perfumes
Plastic Perfume Bottle Packaging

We can design your plastic perfume bottles packaging by:

  • Individual boxes
  • Box printed design
  • Box color

Wide Range of Plastic Perfume Bottle Usage - Gracepack


It commonly used for perfumes and colognes in different sizes and fragrances. It advisable for low-cost small sizes essences that can be brought and slipped on pockets.


We create plastic perfume bottles for cosmetics products such as toner, moisturizer, cleansers and more. Because the bottles are small and portable, one can carry multiple bottles with different liquids for easy and accessible cosmetics needs.

One-Stop Perfume Bottle Supplier in China

Gracepack can provide you with the one-stop solution from design, manufacturing, packing to delivery to you door.
we have more than 20 years experience in manufacturing packages, we have also passed ISO9001, ISO22000, SGS food contact safety according to FDA and EU standard.

  • “Its true when they say portable. Its convenient and good to carry around even on my pockets. I love filling it with alcohol when I’m on the go.”

  • “I have different colors for different products so I would know which is for perfume and which is for alcohol with the color of the bottle. It’s easy to refill. Great work!”

  • “I love the trigger bottle. I can easily spray it when needed. I bring it when I’m on travel. Perfect for my needs.”

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