Plastic Pickle bottles manufacturer in China

Pickling is a method of preserving or imparting a sour or savory flavor to vegetables by placing them in an acidic solution. The traditional method of pickling is to use glass jars, but if glass jars are not available, we believe that our company’s high quality plastic containers are a good choice, as long as you use the quick pickling method, you can avoid the heat from fermentation to melt the plastic bottles, and the acidic solution will give the food flavor!

  1. Good sealing with threaded bottle tops
  2. Vertical, cylindrical or square containers, large enough to hold vegetables
  3. Food grade material will not break down and release particles into your food
  4. Provision of one-stop services
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Gracepack Plastic Pickle bottles

We offer a wide range of pickling bottles in different shapes and capacities, and our PET plastic bottles are backed by certificates, are food grade, come with threaded lids made of PP material and have aluminum foil gaskets, which give the vegetables a good seal against external details.

Aluminum cap sealing, more can isolate the air, and easy to open the cap

Portable and unbreakable plastic material, lighter and more convenient packaging.

Silicone ring with carabiner to provide excellent sealing performance and a fancy look

50oz Large capacity pickling jars

Large capacity for marinating more vegetables at once

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