Plastic Pickle Jars wholesaler in China

Our PET plastic jars are the perfect container choice for all your “pickling” needs. These plastic jars have a wide mouth and a good seal, making it easy to fill and pour these pickling containers.PET food safe material, harmless to the body. Lightweight, unbreakable and drop resistant, it fits well with your needs for pickling jars!

  • Thick, reliable bottle
  • Strong sealing properties
  • Food-grade plastic
  • Multiple capacities

Gracepack Plastic Pickle Jars wholesale

One of the main benefits of our plastic pickle jars is their ability to maintain the flavor and freshness of your pickled food without absorbing or transferring odors or flavors from the pickled food and without creating any undesirable aftertaste or odor contamination. Free of potentially harmful chemicals such as Bisphenol A or phthalates, it does not release any chemicals into your food, ensuring that your pickled products are safe and free from contamination. And it is 100% recyclable plastic, sustainable.

Large-capacity pickle jar with silicone strip to provide a good seal, easy to open and close

Customizable labels, one-stop shop for customers

Square bottle with anti-theft cap, suitable for supermarket sales, transparent bottle, easy to view

1000ml pet jar

Shaped bottle, beautiful style, provide bottle customization service

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