Plastic Salt Shaker manufacturer

We are a professional manufacturer of plastic salt shakers, using high quality food grade PET plastic, BPA free, durable, non-toxic and light weight.  The flip cover with the liner makes it easy to seal and unscrew the salt shaker, so that the spices in the closed bottle keep fresh, safe and healthy.  Plastic salt shakers Spice shakers with lid and liners suitable for storing spices, herbs and powders.

Excellence is our guarantee.

  • Refillable
  • BPA free,food safe
  • Adjustable pour holes
  • Eco-friendly
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Plastic Salt Shaker

The plastic salt shaker features an adjustable inverted hole, and the bottle cap is not only a good choice for the kitchen, canteen, dining room, but also ideal for picnics and camping, it is perfect for herbs, chillies Himalayan, kosher, sugar, powder and other flavoring spices.  The transparent body can see through, giving you a clear view of the contents inside.  Plastic salt shakers are not only the perfect kitchen cooking tool, but can also be used as organizers of glitter bottles, toothpick clips, Q-tip clips, piggy banks, or other small items.  This salt and pepper shaker also features a skirt shaped design that adds style and elegance to your home decor.  It can be stored in small or larger volumes of plastic bottles because it is convenient for refilling.

We offer you innovative design and packaging options because we are a certified packaging manufacturer.  We personalize bottles according to the mission and vision of the company we supply.  We work closely with the project to maintain our quality and the success of both parties.

This is the regular design of the Plastic Salt Shaker for seasoning spice and salt. Easy to open and close,easy to carry and pour out the spice or salt.

The Plastic Salt Shaker with twist cap are designed with shaker holes of 3 different sizes on the lids, small, medium, and large. You can rotate the lids to choose the hole for different spice, and adjust the hole size to control the pouring amount, or let the shaker closed to prevent the dust, perfect for you to organize seasonings of various.

This square plastic salt shaker is made of high quality plastic  (PET), food safety, BPA-free, durable and light, easy to carry.  One side is perforated for the shaker and the other side is used to place the gauge  Spoon in or pour, easy to use.

Round-shaped Plastic Salt Shaker

Round plastic salt shakers are the most popular design, easy to carry. High transparency, smooth closing and leak proof. There’s a label position in the middle of the bottle, easy to apply labels by hand or by machine. It coming with butterfly flip cap or single open flip cap with pressure sensitive liner or heat induction liner, easy to pour out the salt/pepper and powders.

Unique plastic salt shaker

We can design different plastic salt shaker according to customer’s requirement,the unique plastic salt shaker is attractive on the shelf. Such as a T-type,Rectangle and so on.

4 in 1 Plastic Salt Shaker

4-CELL DESIGNOne bottle can hold 4 different spices, 4 compartments,5-open independently, easy to use

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