Plastic Shampoo Bottles Manufacturer in China

Gracepack professionally manufactures various shampoo bottles made from a variety of plastic materials. We work with our clients to create and design suitable packaging for their shampoo product business.

  • Come with fine finishes
  • Leakproof
  • Compact design
  • High-quality and durable

Gracepack Plastic Shampoo Bottles

The plastic shampoo bottles, as the name hints, are plastic-made bottles used for shampoo products. The plastic materials used for manufacturing include PET, PE, PETG, etc. Different compositions have advantages, such as durability, affordability, shock resistance, and recyclability. 

Gracepack specializes in customizing shampoo bottle designs and manufacturing works for about 20 years. We provide them according to customers’ sizes and label requirements. A comprehensive range of figures is also available, such as large round, cylinder, or bulk-sized items.

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Shampoo Boston Round Plastic Bottle
Shampoo Boston Round Plastic Bottle

The shampoo plastic bottle with a Boston round body is ideal for any liquidized products. It is also great with any caps such as disc-top or fine mist spray.

Empty Flat Shampoo Plastic Bottle
Empty Flat Shampoo Plastic Bottle

The empty flat-type shampoo plastic bottle is designed to be squeezable, safe, and durable for daily use- a portable go-to essential item for outdoor and indoors. 

Luxury Frosted Shampoo Plastic Bottle
Luxury Frosted Shampoo Plastic Bottle

The luxury frosted plastic shampoo bottle has a unique frosted design to fulfill its luxurious style and look. It comes with a tight seal securing any possible spill.

Plastic Liquid Shampoo Bottle Dispenser
Plastic Liquid Shampoo Bottle Dispenser

The plastic liquid shampoo bottle with a dispenser cap is convenient for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. It is refillable and has a wide range of color selections. 

Empty Plastic Square Shampoo Bottle
Empty Plastic Square Shampoo Bottle

The empty plastic shampoo bottle with a unique square style is ideal for the bathroom and sinks tops. It can also be used for hand sanitizer and other liquid-based products.

Easy Open End Plastic Shampoo Bottle
Easy Open End Plastic Shampoo Bottle

The easy open-end plastic shampoo bottles come secure seal, making them in high demand for any product. Any type of bottle and cap color is applicable as requested. 

Gracepack Plastic Shampoo Bottles Advantages

Recyclable icon

Various plastic materials used for shampoo packaging are recycled into secondary products. They have lighter weight, making them convenient to recycle at low costs.

Saves Energy icon
Saves Energy

Since plastic-made shampoo bottles have lighter weight, shipping them reduces energy and cost requirements. Their softness also consumes less energy when manufacturing.

Safe to Handle icon
Safe to Handle

The plastic-made shampoo bottles have shatter resistance, toughness, and resilience with unbreakable features. That makes the bottle safe to handle even when dropped. 

Customizable icon

Gracepack manufactures various plastic shampoo bottles with a comprehensive range of colors and shape options. Prints and decorations are also customizable.

Plastic Shampoo Bottles Customization Solutions

Gracepack skillfully customizes features of plastic bottles used to enhance your shampoo business. Consider the following.

  • Bottle Labels: We can customize and improve shampoo bottle labels. Gracepack has roll-fed and pressure-sensitive labeling suitable for all bottle sizes.
  • Silk Screen Printings: Silkscreen printings provide firm color and brightness, achieving striking designs. It is essential to print instructions and patterns into the bottle to stand out for your product.
  • Free Samples: We also offer free samples, ensuring customers’ quality and price satisfaction. OEM and ODM assistance and customization accommodation are provided.
Plastic Shampoo Bottles Customization
Plastic Shampoo Bottles Caps

Available Caps for Custom Plastic Shampoo Bottles

There are numerous cap types available and suitable for custom plastic shampoo bottles, including the following:

  • Pump: This cap provides firmer pump dispenser closure, especially for larger bottles. It has a twisted lock head to prevent spills.
  • Disc Top: Bottles with disc tops are more flexible and squeezable. It is pressed for dispensing shampoo and pressed again to close and seal.
  • Flip Top: Using a flip-top cap protects the liquid shampoo from contamination and avoids leaks. After dispensing the content, the top cap quickly snapped shut.

Custom Shapes for Your Shampoo Plastic Bottles

Gracepack designs different plastic bottle shapes to enhance the beauty and achieve the unique packaging of your shampoo products. We have the following option:

  • Boston Round
  • Cylindrical
  • Cosmo Round
  • Square Plastic Bottle
  • Special Shape Bottles
  • Custom

You can tell us your choice or personal bottle design, and we will do the rest of the process to meet your requirements.

Plastic Shampoo Bottles Shapes

Customize Your Plastic Bottle Shampoo to Stand Out Your Brand

Plastic Shampoo Bottles Factory
Plastic Shampoo Bottles Factory

Gracepack is an expert plastic bottle manufacturer, mainly for shampoo products. We made them with various attractive color selections with hot stamped or silk screened labels and logos. That surely helps stand out your shampoo brand among other existing brands. Our R&D and design team accommodates your preferred caps, which can be pumps, flip tops, etc. As your trusted provider, we ensure BPA-free and safe plastic materials in manufacturing shampoo bottles.

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Plastic Shampoo Bottles Process
Gracepack Production Process

As a trusted manufacturer, we provide high-quality yet affordable plastic-made shampoo bottles for your business. We professionally perform the following production process.

  1. Molding process
  2. Assembling procedure
  3. Airtight testing
  4. Automatic counting assembled quantity
  5. Automatic cutting tube and assemble
  6. Pulling out testing
  7. Torque testing process
  8. Push force testing
  9. Dosage testing procedure
Plastic Shampoo Bottles Services
Why Choose Gracepack Services

Gracepack provides satisfying services for our constant and new customers worldwide. Trust our following services!

  • Customers’ Service Assistance: Our professional service team is approachable enough to accommodate customers’ preferred designs.
  • Printing Services: We can introduce the best printing methods suitable to your preferred bottle designs. You can also tell us your ideas.
  • Excellent After-Sale Service: We are glad to hear some feedback from our customers. It may be about our products, services, or packaging.
  • Shipping Assistance Service: Gracepack has an expert service team, assisting shipping processes in the fastest ways.

Typical Plastic Materials for Shampoo Bottles

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)

The HDPE plastic type for shampoo packaging is typically used for arch-shaped bottles. They are suitable for flip caps, emulsion pumps, or screw caps. These plastic materials have the following features:

  • Durable
  • Impact resistance
  • Cost-effective
PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

The PET plastic material features a high level of transparency, allowing one to see shampoo content. However, these bottles have a comprehensive range of color, patterns, and label print options with the following advantages:

  • High impact resistance 
  • Easily recycled
PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol)

PETG shampoo bottles maintain toughness and prevent the yellowing of liquid products. This material has ultraviolet absorbent, achieving a protective layer from UV radiation effects. It features:

  • Weather resistance
  • Prevents rupture
  • Widely used
LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene)

The LPDE plastics for manufacturing shampoo bottles provide the following advantages:

  • Squeezable
  • Durable
  • Flexible
Plastic Shampoo Bottles Supplier
Wholesale Plastic Shampoo Bottles from Gracepack

Gracepack is well known as the manufacturer of high-quality plastic shampoo bottles. We ensure 100% safe proven plastic materials. Non-toxic and sturdy to use. Also, we offer customization for color, size, and logos for business purposes.

  • “We’ve been ordering our wholesale shampoo bottles from Gracepack, and it was a satisfying experience. We received it quickly with no problems. The precise service we all want.”

  • “We’re thankful to Gracepack. We had our situation with the logos on our bottle shampoo solved. The logos all come out well and are presentable. Now we met our customer’s demands, and it increases our sales!”

  • “Gracepack’s customer service was encouraging as we set our orders. They were easy to talk with and patient. The recommendations they give are practical and helpful. We learned a lot from them.”

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