Plastic spice container manufacturer in China

Plastic spice container have a simple manufacturing process, low production costs and high production efficiency. Compared with glass material, ceramic material and other materials, plastic spice container have obvious production advantages, the price is lower, and is not easy to break, plastic bottles have the advantage of high transparency, which allows the user to more intuitive understanding of the capacity of the bottle of seasoning after the use of plastic spice container, just invert it to clean, you can quickly wash off the residual seasoning and other substances, with the advantages of convenience and hygiene!

  • favorable price
  • Re-usable
  • lightweight and durable
  • high degree of transparency

Gracepack Plastic spice container

polypropylene jar is one of the most used and popular containers in the packaging and container industry. It can bring more packaging options, but also to maintain portability, our pp jars are bpa-free and convenient and practical to meet your needs and a large number of styles for you to choose from!

Extra large capacity for storing extra spices

Square bottle with concave-convex design on both sides for easy gripping and double flip lid for easy removal

The bottles are made of PE, non- toxic, durable and suitable for both home and business.

65ml spice bottle

65ml capacity, compact and easy to carry bottle

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