plastic squeeze bottle for sauces

GracePack are committed to doing environmentally friendly packaging, care for human health, our sauce bottles are completely food-grade materials, to provide different solutions for different customers!

    • reliable
    • Unique Design
    • Airtight design
    • Customized & Individual design support
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plastic squeeze bottle for sauces

Our squeezable condiment bottles are great for restaurants, home kitchens, picnics, auto repair and maintenance, arts and crafts, and more. Ideal for all condiments: barbecue sauce, olive oil, ketchup and more.

We are also careful about the materials we use, such as PP material, very durable, high temperature and corrosion resistant, easy to squeeze, very convenient to use!

Silicone valve design makes the sauce easy to squeeze and won’t flow out easily.

The flip-top lid is very easy to use and also serves as a sealing effect

This design Use it for quick visualization in a fast-paced work environment to help reduce errors and miscommunication.

Sauce bottles with leak proof Lids

This design bottle comes with a leak-proof lid, which is attached to the bottle neck and can reuse.

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