Gracepack plastic storage jar

Our company’s plastic jars cover a wide range of categories, the application of the scene is very much, whether it is kitchen storage or daily storage of plastic jars we can meet you!

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Gracepack plastic storage jar

With regard to plastic products we have reached the forefront of the Chinese market, and now we are also committed to improving the quality of our services, and would like to focus on foreign markets to help companies grow together.

We now have many kinds of plastic storage jar in various sizes and materials, big and small, PET and PP we can customize, everything to serve our customers.

For honey storage jars we have over 20-30 choices, and even hive boxes to suit every customer who comes in with a quote, both in terms of shape and capacity.

For cosmetic storage jars, we can make a variety of colors and sizes to meet the high quality needs of customers, PET material will be more universal, are safe food grade.

For plastic cookie storage jars we generally use large capacity sizes for easy customer access, but of course there are also smaller capacities for easy retail sales.

Plastic storage jar for Seal Tank

For sealed Jars, we generally use a combination of PET and metal parts and the silica.  using a gram-weight plastic that is of such high quality that it is possible to achieve the sealing requirements..

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