Plastic tea jar in the world

  • Food Grade
  • Hot press sealing process
  • good sealing
  • Many types

Plastic tea jar

Plastic tea jar have many type ,usd hot press sealing process and various crafts .Makes plastic tea jars more cost-effective than old-fashioned tea jars.

PP Plastic tea jar adopts a simple tank shape design to meet a variety of process requirements, making the appearance shiny and more cost-effective.

Small size tea Plastic tea jar with seal aluminum foil .The combination of food-grade PE material and hot-pressure sealing technology makes the sealing of the small can stronger and more reliable.

Translucent small Plastic tea jar ,The bottle body is made of new pp material, which is light, clean and odorless, and has good toughness and is not easy to break.

Imitation celadon Plastic tea jar

Imitation celadon Plastic tea jar ,the color imitates green pottery, with a Chinese classical charm. Coupled with the aroma of tea leaves, it has a unique charm.

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