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Plastic tea jar

Plastic Tea Jar is also a food tank we use in daily life. They are made of different food -grade materials, such as PET or PP. These two materials have good plasticity. At the same time, we have also passed the FDA and SGS tests, so it is very safe for filling tea and other foods.

We have the ability to help customers customize the shape, color, printing, labels, etc. of the bottle. Believe in us, cooperate with us!

Plastic Tea Easy Open Jar has the characteristics of environmental protection, moisture -proof, sealing, insulation, and recyclable. The capacity can be provided from 50-1000ml

Plastic Tea Jar with Aluminium Cap, this kind of jar is suitable for filling various types of foods, or daily necessities, very common

The container bottle body is transparent and the lid is wooden color, which is in simple style

Huge Plastic Tea Jar

The huge capacity allows you to fill in more items, The Transparent Bottle Body Allows you to have a clean at how much the inside ita

AcrylicTea Jar Jar

Acrylic materials have good light transmission, the bottle is strong and not easy to break, it is very suitable for storing precious tea

Gallon Plastic Tea Jar

Gallon Plastic Tea Jar has a handle that is available to grasp, with high quality and will not break. 100% does not contain bisphenol A sealing. It does not corrode or rust like a metal cover.

Why Choose us?

Our factory use new raw materials, all products have food -grade certificates, with excellent geographical location, and strong OEM ability

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