Wholesale Polypropylene Bottles Manufacturer

Gracepack is a reliable supplier that provides superior-quality polypropylene bottles for food products, drink products, cosmetics, and medical supplies. These are highly durable containers available in various capacities and designs.

  • Good barrier against oil, moisture, and alcohol.
  • Strong enough to resist normal wear and tear
  • Affordable polypropylene bottles
  • Customizable packaging solution

Custom Polypropylene Bottles

Custom polypropylene bottles are widely used for storing and packaging food, medicine, cosmetics, toiletries and cleaning products, and more. This material is impermeable and incredibly resistant to absorbing moisture, and many chemicals, thus, ideal for additional packing advantages and versatility. It comes in a wide range of closures and caps, neck diameter, shapes, sizes, finish, and other options. All bottles are FDA-approved, RoHS, and ISO-certified guaranteed for quality and safe usage.

Gracepack is a leading custom polypropylene bottle manufacturer for more than 20 years. We have strong capabilities of producing a broad range of bottles for your applications or projects. Our company is fully-equipped with an automated production line and moulding system to tailor your polypropylene bottle requirements. Numerous types of printing techniques and decorations are accessible to enhance your plastic packaging.

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Polypropylene Cosmetic Bottles
Polypropylene Cosmetic Bottles

Polypropylene cosmetic bottle provides a crisp, contemporary appearance and high durability. It is available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Polypropylene Ketchup Bottles
Polypropylene Ketchup Bottles

Our polypropylene ketchup bottles deliver a classic hot fill option for ketchup and other sauces. It is lightweight, safe, and versatile.

Polypropylene Lipbalm Tube

Polypropylene lip balm tube can effectively showcase your product with a semi-transparent glance. It presents clean lip care products, cosmetics, etc.

Polypropylene Baby Bottles
Polypropylene Baby Bottles

Polypropylene baby bottles ensure a microbiological clean environment ideal for the storage of breast milk. Created from PP material which is safe for feeding.

Polypropylene Reagent Bottle
Polypropylene Reagent Bottle

Polypropylene reagent bottle is made from medical-grade polypropylene PP. It is non-biotoxic, durable, and has a leak-proof design.

PP Specimen Containers
PP Specimen Containers

PP specimen containers can withstand high temperatures and high pressure. Available in various closure colors, and sizes. Easy to transport and store.

Why Choose Gracepack Polypropylene Bottles


Polypropylene bottles are safe to reuse and recyclable. It is an eco-friendly material perfect to skyrocket your business. Widely used for household and industrial uses.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Our range of polypropylene bottles provides excellent durability and versatility making it resilient to general wear and tear as a packaging material.


Gracepack manufactures convenient to use and lightweight plastic bottles suitable for ketchup, yogurt, medicine &  syrup bottles, etc.

FDA Approved
FDA Approved

Polypropylene bottles are safe, no-BPA food container material. It is not known to cause cancer in humans. It is resilient against rot, bacteria, mildew, and moulds.

Polypropylene Bottle Excellent Properties

Due to their high durability, PP material is an excellent choice for product packaging in both container and closure forms. It also has the properties such as:

  • Clarity, moisture barrier
  • Elasticity and toughness
  • Acid, grease, and oil resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Resistance to heat and sunlight
  • Chemical resistance
  • Fatigue resistance and more.
Polypropylene Bottle Excellent Properties
Polypropylene Bottles Applications

Polypropylene Bottles Applications

When it comes to a number of laboratory reagents, including the majority of alcohols, aldehydes, acids, bases, esters, and aliphatic hydrocarbons, polypropylene bottles offer very good chemical compatibility. It is also a great option for various plastic packaging because it is free of BPA and has a strong resistance to chemical corrosion:

  • Cleaning and bleaching products
  • Food and drink products
  • Products for first aid, etc.

Why Choose Gracepack Polypropylene Bottles for Your Business

Gracepack can provide custom polypropylene bottles for your medical business, cosmetics, food and beverages, laboratory reagents, and more. These bottles offer excellent advantages such as:

  • Brand building and enhanced consumer appeal
  • PP material promotes sustainable operations
  • Improved heat resistance compared to other plastics

Our company owns a fully automatic production line, and excellent product development, thus, we can produce 200,000 pieces of polypropylene bottles every day. Choose Gracepack now!

Why Choose Gracepack Polypropylene Bottles for Your Business

Gracepack – #1 Polypropylene Bottles Supplier

Gracepack – #1 Polypropylene Bottles Supplier
Gracepack – #1 Polypropylene Bottles Supplier

Gracepack supplies premium quality bottles made from polypropylene (PP) thermoplastics. We have 20+ professional manufacturing experiences you can rely on. Our polypropylene bottles are widely used today in a range of domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. It comes in various capacities, neck diameters, shapes, and styles. We can also develop different closures for polypropylene bottles depending on your needs. Our company has our own skilled designer,  advanced mould department, and mould engineering team that can custom your request. Our automated and sophisticated production machines can produce a large volume of affordable plastic bottle products.

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polypropylene bottles supplier
Custom Polypropylene Bottles For Your Business

Gracepack can custom Polypropylene Bottles based on your specifications. We have a complete custom moulding service, an excellent mould engineer, and mould department. You can specify the following:

  • Neck diameter
  • Color finish
  • Shape or style
  • Application
  • Bottle capacity
  • Custom printing, etc.
polypropylene bottles supplier
Polypropylene Bottles Regulatory Specifications

High-quality laboratory-grade resin materials are used to create polypropylene bottles. They meet a variety of regulatory requirements, such as:

  • USP Class VI
  • RoHS
  • EP Monographs
  • EU food-contact directives
  • CA Prop 65,
  • 21 CFR pt 177.1520 for food contact
  • SARA Title III Sec. 313

Why Choose Gracepack Custom Polypropylene Bottles

Quality Printing & Decoration
Quality Printing & Decoration

We offer different high-quality printing and decoration to provide improved appearance plastic bottles such as:

  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Plastic bottles Labeling
  • Gold Stamping
  • Thermal Transfer Printing
  • Shirk Sleeve packing, etc.
Custom Polypropylene Bottles Fast Process
Custom Polypropylene Bottles Fast Process

Gracepack has extensive experience and capabilities that allow us to offer custom polypropylene bottles real quick. The process starts with:

  • Confirming your order and drawing
  • Bottle moulding process
  • Realtime production
  • Product development time
Provide Custom Shapes/Style Based On Your Needs
Provide Custom Shapes/Style Based On Your Needs

You can choose from a wide range of polypropylene bottles shapes and styles including:

  • Oval,
  • Wide mouth round,
  • Boston round
  • Modern round
  • Square, etc.
Leading Polypropylene Bottle Manufacturer in China

Gracepack is your one-stop polypropylene bottle manufacturer in China. All bottles are BPA-free, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. We support OEM and ODM designs to satisfy your specific requirements. Message us right away!


  • “Gracepack is a highly recommended company in China manufacturing high-standard polypropylene bottles. The bottles are precisely made, durable, perfect for my business.”

  • “Thank you, Gracepack for superior quality, cost-effective, and strong enough polypropylene bottle that resists normal wear and tear. We received our orders on time, in great conditions with hassle-free logistics”

  • “Gracepack delivers premium quality polypropylene bottles for my business. They have great customization and technical services. They communicate well and provide for my needs. Looking forward to more transactions with this company.”

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