PP jar manufacturer

Gracepack Company plastic packaging bottles must be your best choice, especially the high-quality polypropylene plastic jars, oil-resistant and durable, but also can provide a variety of customized services!

  • Moisture-resistant and Sturdy
  • Resistant to grease and High temperature
  • Alcohol and Corrosion resistant
  • Durable and Stylish
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PP jars

Modern and artistic, our range of PP jars has a subversive shape that appeals to younger customers and brands looking to bring a freshness to their products. The jars and caps are made from PP, making them very eco-friendly and popular with the beauty market.

As we have our own factory, we are able to meet most of our customers’ needs and satisfy all of them!

Food storage needs to be airtight and easy to access, so we have a wide range of PP canisters for you to choose from.

Cream jars in the beauty industry are often made of PP material, which can be made in two walls or single wall, so as to provide maximum protection for cosmetics.

A lot of cake shop pudding cups generally need PP material, very clean and hygienic can be made transparent, our matching lid and spoon are also available!

Sauce jars

Sauce jars generally have high material requirements, and PP’s high temperature resistance and corrosiveness can just meet them, so customers can directly sterilise them at high temperatures to keep them clean and hygienic.

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