PP Jar Manufacturer in China

Gracepack offers a wide range of durable, non-toxic, and high-quality PP jars. Our PP jars are ideal for packaging body care, skincare, cosmetics, and other products.

  • Offers OEM and ODM services
  • Various closure and container forms are available
  • Made from the highest quality & food-grade PP resin
  • Certified by ISO, US FDA, SGS, LFGB, and other standards

Gracepack PP Jar

PP jars or polypropylene plastic jars are a highly durable packaging for a variety of products such as creams, ointments, powders, and many more. They are highly resistant to different kinds of chemicals. In addition, they are used for providing a superior barrier against moisture for your products.

Gracepack offers PP jars in a wide selection of colors, sizes, shapes, designs, volumes, and finishes. Our PP jars offer stylish designs, high durability, and excellent chemical resistance. They are made from high-quality, BPA-free, and FDA-approved PP resin. We can also customize the PP jars as per your requirements. Free samples of PP jars are also available for product compatibility testing.

Feel free to send us a message for any questions about our PP jars.

PP White Frosted Jar

The PP white cream frosted jars are suitable for packaging eye cream, face cream, and other skincare products. They have a matte or frosted surface that makes them look elegant and luxurious.

Double-Wall PP Jars

The double-wall PP jars are designed with 2 plastic shells that include inner and outer shell. They are highly durable and made from food-grade, non-toxic, and high-quality PP resin.

Bowl-Shaped PP Jars

The bowl-shaped PP jars are trendy, lightweight, and durable. They are commonly used for packaging body scrubs, face creams, and other cosmetics products. Also, they are eco-friendly and odor-free.

Silver-Edge PP Jars

If you want to make your skincare, medicine, and other products look more luxurious and expensive, the ideal packaging is the silver-edge PP jars. They have a double-wall design and a cap with a silver line.

Square PP Jars

The square PP jars are designed with a thickened bottom, spiral bottleneck, and a double wall. They can also prevent your products from leaking. You can also use them to protect your products from sunlight and moisture.

Pot-Shaped PP Jars

The pot-shaped PP jars offer excellent impact resistance, leak-proof design, smooth surface, and exceptional chemical stability. We manufacture them from food-grade and high-quality PP resin.

Gracepack PP Jar Advantages

Excellent Heat Resistance

The PP jars have excellent resistance to high temperatures. When they are exposed to hot environments, they are unlikely to warp. That is why they are considered microwave-safe containers.

High Durability
High Durability

Our PP jars are made from highly durable PP material. They are durable yet light in weight. Also, they have a long service life and are not easy to wear, break, and are resistant to impact.


We are manufacturing polypropylene jars from non-toxic, BPA-free, eco-friendly, and food-grade PP resin. Due to that, our PP jars are safe for contact with food.

Excellent Chemical Resistance
Excellent Chemical Resistance

Our PP jars are highly resistant to different types of chemicals and almost all other organic solvents. They will be not affected when exposed to highly aggressive chemicals.

Advantages of PP Material

PP or polypropylene is an ideal material for producing jars due to its excellent resistance to chemicals, oils, alcohol, and moisture. Compared to HDPE, PP is stronger and has a higher tolerance to high temperatures. In addition, polypropylene is also considered the safest of all plastics.

Gracepack only uses the finest quality, food-grade, and durable polypropylene to produce the PP jars. Our raw PP materials have been tested and inspected thoroughly for their quality. Additionally, they are approved by the FDA, LFGB, and other global standards.

Advantages of PP Material
Printing Options & Decorations

Printing Options & Decorations

To make your PP jars stand out, they can be decorated by printing your custom labels, artworks, and designs. Your brand or business logo can also be printed to help you market your business. They can be printed using a variety of printing methods such as hot stamping, UV printing, silk screen printing, spray printing, and many more.

In addition, other effects and decorations such as matte or glossy finishes can be added to the PP jars depending on your requirements.

PP Jar Closure Options

The PP jars are available in a wide selection of caps and other types of airtight sealing options such as screw caps, stackable caps, child-resistant caps, flapper caps, smooth sided caps, flat top caps, dome jar caps, fine ribbed closures, extra tall dome closures, and many more. Their closures also come in a variety of colors such as white, black, clear, red, blue, and so on. They can be customized as per your request. And your logo can be imprinted on them depending on your needs.

PP Jar Closure Options

Your Professional PP Jar Manufacturer | Gracepack

Your Professional PP Jar Manufacturer | Gracepack1
Your Professional PP Jar Manufacturer | Gracepack2

Gracepack offers premium quality PP jars at reasonable prices. Our PP jars are available in different types and shapes such as straight, stackable, softline, round, square, bowl-shaped, etc. They are suitable for packaging dry or wet products. And to suit your exact packaging needs, we can customize the PP jars to any size, design, color, shape, closure type, surface finish, and other details you need.

We are manufacturing PP jars from food-grade, BPA-free, and high-quality polypropylene resins. Our raw PP materials and finished PP jars are approved by international standards such as FDA, SGS, EU, LFGB, and many more. We have 9 automatic blowing machine lines that enable us to produce a wide range of PP jars. Also, we have quality control during the whole production process of the PP jars to ensure they have excellent quality.

Contact us for your inquiries.

Gracepack | Trusted PP Jar Supplier in China

PP Jar Applications

Our PP jars are widely used in industries such as cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, medical, cannabis, nutraceutical, and many more. They are used for packaging different types of cosmetic products such as lip balms, hair waxes, body scrubs, hand creams, facial creams, hair care products, and other beauty products. Moreover, they are suitable for packaging ointments, spices, medicines, pills, capsules, salves, and many more.

The PP jars are also widely used in forensic and scientific labs for storing animal tissue, soil samples, etc. Many craftsmen or hobbyists also use PP jars for storing different kinds of small accessories.

PP Jar Features
PP Jar Features

The PP jars have a lot of amazing features such as:

  • Tight fitting closure
  • Leak-proof
  • Excellent resistance to high & low temperatures, chemicals, solvents, alcohols, oil, etc.
  • High durability
  • Lightweight design
  • Modern, elegant, & attractive designs
  • Easy to clean
  • Food-grade, non-toxic, & eco-friendly

Why Choose Us

Rich Manufacturing Experience
Rich Experience

Since 1999, Gracepack has been specialized in providing top-quality PP jars at competitive prices. During our more than 20 years of experience, we have served more than 26,000 customers globally. And we always aim to continue on providing quality PP jars and excellent services to help you grow your business.

Large Selection of Products
Large Selection of Products

Our PP jars come in various colors, sizes, shapes, volumes, designs, and other options. They are available in other options such as:

  • Wall Types – The container of the PP jars are available in single or double walls.
  • Volumes – Our PP jars come in a variety of capacities such as 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml, and more.
  • Neck Thread Designs – Single or multiple thread designs are available.
Fully Certified
Fully Certified

Gracepack is manufacturing PP jars in accordance with the national, industry, and international standards to ensure their quality and safety. We have obtained certifications from:

  • ISO9001 & ISO22000
  • FDA
  • SASO
  • LFGB & EU
OEM & ODM Services
OEM & ODM Services

Gracepack also provides OEM and ODM services to help you with your specific business needs. Our team is capable of customizing the PP jars in accordance with your requirements. The sizes, shapes, closures, colors, designs, capacities, and other features of the PP jars can be customized to your exact needs. We can also help you highlight your brand or business by printing the PP jars with your logo, unique designs, and labels.

Choose Gracepack PP Jar to Skyrocket Your Business!
Choose Gracepack PP Jar to Skyrocket Your Business!

At Gracepack, we offer high-quality PP jars, customized solutions, excellent after-sales services, and competitive prices to our customers worldwide. We can also provide 5 or 6 pieces of PP jar samples for compatibility testing.

  • I am really impressed with PP jars from Gracepack. Their PP jars are perfect for packaging cosmetics products. They are durable, odor-free, and very elegant. They were also delivered on time. Thank you so much, Gracepack!

  • Perfect PP jars and excellent services, Gracepack! I have received the PP jars and they were delivered quickly and have no defects. They have a beautiful and elegant appearance. Furthermore, they were exactly customized according to my requirements. All compliments to your team, Gracepack!

  • I am more than satisfied with the PP jars from Gracepack! Their PP jars have the highest quality and high durability. We have tested them for packaging skincare products and they are really leak-proof. Aside from that, I am also satisfied with the services from Gracepack. Their team is easy to deal with!

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